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so beautiful and so dangerous

Posted by vlorbik on June 22, 2016

Photo on 6-21-16 at 9.42 AM

the fresh-dishwater load (before & after).

for preference, the first pass… or first
*few* passes… with fresh soap will be *glass*.

whose praises can hardly be sung enough.
clarity is beauty, baby. hardness, too,
has much to offer. (but they break just
like a butcher’s cleaver if you’re not
looking. and sometime the tiny little
shards come back *weeks* after having
swept up.)

then, who knows. silver if it’s been rinsed.
whatever big pieces would look better on the
other side with very little fuss. certain
items should *never* be soaked; others should
*usually* be soaked. i don’t have a routine,
really. just a process for *finding out* a
routine. everything, all the time; life in
the batplane. but, you know, nothing in

homegrown… ie, here in columbus by friends-
-of-a-friend… eggs for a couple of days. i’m
still lacking in anything you’d call short-order-
-egg-cookin’ skills. unless “fun to eat” counts.
scramble-fried is the way it should be. for today.

Photo on 6-21-16 at 8.16 PM

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nothing else’ll get you there like speed’ll

Posted by vlorbik on June 21, 2016

Photo on 6-21-16 at 9.43 AM

if it’s “gold’ll buy more friends
than chicken-feed’ll”,
it might as well be “tweedle-
but if it’s “grains’ll feed a
lot more folks than meat’ll”,
or, “camels can’t pass through
a sewing needle”,
they’ll treat you like you shot
their favorite beatle.
oh, tweedle-dee, dl-dee,

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stirfry of the day

Posted by vlorbik on June 18, 2016

Photo on 6-18-16 at 10.46 AM

with bacon, onion, & carrots,
all cut up by me. plus, one
cheat: frozen peas. pigfat,
soy sauce, sesame oil. serves,
in this case, one. the trickiest
thing is cooking different parts
of any given slice of bacon for
different amounts of time (& hot-
ness of the pan); the point here
is to get turn as much fat into
cooking oil as one conveniently
can. oh, and yesterday’s rice.
prepared by madeline, of course.

in other news, yesterday’s chicken
has now been cut up even more. one
review has appeared for that post
in my “facebook” feed. here it is
in full: “yuck”. my next one will
be *better*!

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cutting up chicken again

Posted by vlorbik on June 17, 2016

Photo on 6-17-16 at 12.28 PM

in the first panel, most of the big pieces
have been broken… or cut… off of the
central skeleton of the chicken (an enormous
factory-farm specimen). the breast not seen
here has been cut up and served, with rice
and the buttery sauce at the bottom of the
pan (madeline did everything up to putting
it in the oven and setting the timer; i did
all the cutting-up and dishing-out and so on).
there’s a bunch of skin… and bacon… in the
Photo on 6-17-16 at 1.08 PM

then, about to be covered up & put away, a dark-,
and a white-, meat bowl. the rice is invisible
behind ’em (and’ll be put away in another vessel).
there’s some done bacon and the wishbone (probably
too blurry to see) in one of those indispensable
plastic gizmen; this is a cheat in the sense that
i prepared it deliberately for the camera. really,
sure, i try to make it look good. but this is
supposed to be *without regard* to whether or not
i’m going to make a photo or post it at the diner.

then, the end. where wishes go to die.
Photo on 6-17-16 at 4.46 PM

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before, during, and long after. actually, one is almost always “during”, as it seems.

Posted by vlorbik on June 6, 2016

Photo on 6-3-16 at 12.12 PMPhoto on 6-4-16 at 8.40 AMPhoto on 6-6-16 at 6.25 PM

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twenty-four, seven

Posted by vlorbik on May 25, 2016

Photo on 5-25-16 at 12.07 PM

Photo on 5-25-16 at 12.09 PM
the first set of six heptagrams here depict
M-G-O-R-P-Y-B, M-O-P-B-G-R-Y, M-P-G-Y-O-B-R,
M-O-G-B-P-Y-R, M-P-O-Y-G-R-B, M-G-P-R-O-B-Y

(Mud at the top [in each case], and then,
going clockwise [in each case], we have,
[in the first case—i.e., the upper-left],
-Green-Orange-Red-Purple-Yellow-Blue. and
so on.)

since we are using M-R-B-G-P-Y-O as our
“identity permutation” (it’s found in the
upper left of the *second* photo), these six
can, much more economically, be written in
the standard “cycle” notation for permutations.
for example, M-G-O-R-P-Y-B (in the full
“display the permuted elements” notation)
becomes simply (RG)(BO). [this means “swap
the red with the green and swap the blue with
the orange”.]

the cycle-notation names of each heptagram of
the second set have been pencilled in. too
faintly to see clearly here, as it turns out.
i’ll probably ink ’em in eventually.

the second set also have some extra information.
one has verified that squags are taken to squags
by “filling in” a color between each pair of
points-of-the-star; specifically (of course),
the color that “completes the squag” (any two
colors uniquely determine one Blend, Blur, or
Ideal [just as any two points of “ordinary”
geometry uniquely determine a line; this’ll
be lurking in the background at all times]).

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.44 AM

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i seen the morning light

Posted by vlorbik on May 24, 2016

Photo on 5-24-16 at 7.22 AM

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works in progress

Posted by vlorbik on May 22, 2016

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.44 AM

the twenty-four heptagons can of course each be
“rotated” seven ways (in such a way that faces
are taken to faces… and so on [vertices to
vertices, squags to squags…]). hold on there.
what’s a squag, you say. well, a blend, a blur,
or the ideal.
anyhow, 24*7=168; these diagrams, then (were they
complete) would display (all of the) 168 ways to
“rearrange the colors” of MRBGPYO in such a way
that squags stay squags.

how do i turn off auto-“correct”?
it is impossible to work under these conditions.
when i say squag i mean squag and if the typer
won’t let me do it, we’re through.

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.34 AM

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resurrection blues

Posted by vlorbik on May 13, 2016

Photo on 5-13-16 at 10.20 AM

vlorbik’s diner. some new “verse” in the sidebar.
wretched interface. testing, one, two.

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special guest star

Posted by vlorbik on November 20, 2015

Photo on 11-20-15 at 4.29 PM

(in her own kitchen): madeline’s
cooking show. the garlic bread is
evidently experimental. we’ll see
how it goes.

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