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stirfry of the day

Posted by vlorbik on June 18, 2016

Photo on 6-18-16 at 10.46 AM

with bacon, onion, & carrots,
all cut up by me. plus, one
cheat: frozen peas. pigfat,
soy sauce, sesame oil. serves,
in this case, one. the trickiest
thing is cooking different parts
of any given slice of bacon for
different amounts of time (& hot-
ness of the pan); the point here
is to get turn as much fat into
cooking oil as one conveniently
can. oh, and yesterday’s rice.
prepared by madeline, of course.

in other news, yesterday’s chicken
has now been cut up even more. one
review has appeared for that post
in my “facebook” feed. here it is
in full: “yuck”. my next one will
be *better*!

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