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the livingston avenue review of t-shirts #3

Posted by vlorbik on April 19, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-18 at 21.53

i claimed last week in the other blog
that i’d be going to SPACE: here’s proof
i kept my word. the t-shirt’ll never look
this good again of course. but me? just
like ol’ broadway joe, that’s me: getting
better looking every day.

i don’t know how much less i *weigh* than,
say, this time last year… but i know i’ve
punched yet *another* hole in this belt here:
a couple of inches on the waistline, easy.
all without going vegan or fasting or dieting
or *any* of that. yay, me. still way over-
weight. but going in the right direction.

anyhow, nix is ken eppstein’s line of
rock-n-roll-horror-western-kids comics,
straight outta columbus, ohio…
and, just like stan the man or some-
thing… though obviously on a much
smaller *scale*… ken gets lots of
cool stories and art from his “bullpen”,
usually several stories per ish.
i first spotted it in 2011.

it was great to see ken at the show and
pick up the new “book”. of course i got
all the OH, COMICS! i’d missed since the
last time i attended… bob corby’s annual
of ohio small-press comics. bob’s also
the guy who puts SPACE on every year:
a pillar of the community. yay, back
porch comics

i also picked up work by old favorites
john p., max ink, suzanne baumann,
michael neno, craig bogart, & larry blake,
and had at least a short conversation
with each. see the appropriate issues
of the ten page news and indy
for my reviews from long

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tales from the 614

Posted by vlorbik on December 25, 2012

so i was just assaulted for no reason
right out on livingston avenue.

six or seven young fellas are walking west
toward the traffic light. i’m walking
the other way along the same sidewalk
*away* from the light with my fresh haul
from the corner gas-station-&-convenience.

and apparently i was supposed to give ’em
a wide berth. so for me thinking we could
share the sidewalk as i passed ’em,
the closest one to me (as i approached ’em)
threw a roundhouse right into my jaw
and knocked me flat & wet into the street.

“what the fuck, man?” sez i…
more surprised than anything else…
as the whole posse runs away
down the alley giggling.

my OJ bottle is broken… & my
18-pack of beer, too. somewhat
surprisingly, the stuff in my pack
(a RubyRed & two bottles of Toy
[“toy vodka”… the 40 proof diluted
stuff]… to say nothing of two
[essentially invulnerable] plastic
bottles of salad dressing & two
[even more so] cans of soup)…
the stuff in my pack (as i say)
is unhurt. & so am i.

so i get up.

at this point, i’m not even aware
that i’ve left a beer in the street,
but i’m well aware i’ve left a plastic
bag full of broken *glass* in the street.
fuck it. that could’ve easily been
my broken *body*. jaws get thrown
like typewriter carriages & livingston
is practically a highway right in here.

so i shake it off & cross the street
& get on the bus & pay five dollars
for a two dollar ride & here i am back
home. if i had a home.

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crossposted in the livingston review

Posted by vlorbik on January 29, 2012

breaking news: columbus indie comix fair announcement in f’book. march 3; 1:00–6:00.

more ICF coverage at neno’s eventized.

“hornschemeier honored with graphic novel residency” (story at corby’s “space guy 13”).

wasted potential on hiatus “for the foreseeable future”. nice run, ray!

one-stop shopping for columbus OH indies, by nix.

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“what’s vlorbik *on*?”…”wordpress-dot-com!”

Posted by vlorbik on August 24, 2011

in today’s edition of “too much time
on the net”, we have bousquet’s
piece on student guestworkers
(after a month’s absence) and this
announcement for independents’ day
(9/17 in downtown columbus).

okay. i’m gonna wash the dishes now
and make some lunch or something. geez.

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power duo

Posted by vlorbik on January 7, 2010

myke rock and bob sauls
are auditioning drummers.

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forever let us hold our banners high

Posted by vlorbik on December 21, 2009

midnight ramblings small-press & comics news for december.
dr. crazy on mla etc..
mad-lab’s posterous. annoying.
robert co9’s talbert is back at it.
tandy & breier & the whole baltimore scene get ink in utne.

links to these posts now appear in the n-page news by the magic of tw’r. the w’press widget is harder.

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Posted by vlorbik on December 19, 2009

founding meeting of covoc:
preliminary report. the
central ohio volunteer
organizing committee is
in full effect as of now.
yesterday was my best day
as an organizer since i was
actually on a union’s payroll:
i organized one worker twice.

i’m a rank-and-file member
of AAUP & IWW; my prospect
signed on to both outfits
right in front of my eyes
in a coffeehouse on main
before i’d even properly
worked up a head of steam
for the pitch itself… and we’re
talking “click here to pay dues”
not just “sign here for the
abstraction” (authorizing a
-unformed to try to cut deals
in one’s interest… with dues
actually *due* only after
a contract is negotiated
with the bosses; for a year
of my life i tried and mostly
failed to get people to sign on
with cfa/uaw on these terms
[and had a couple of *three*
signature days along the way;
never the same worker twice
till now though obviously]).

so we two are now planning to work
the “high-road, low-road” approach
to recruit new faculty… our targets
are non-tenure-track college faculty
in columbus ohio and environs. this
includes grad students in case that
isn’t obvious.

the aaup is of course a *professional
association* rather than a union.
many of our prospects are likely to
feel that labor unions are “part of
the problem” in the u.s. economy
rather than “part of the solution”.
in academic organizing we’re blessed
with a sort of middle ground here:
even faculty committed to “free market”
economic policies often feel that
the norms for “professional” work like ours
can and should be determined at least
in part by its practitioners. indeed, if
one’s professional indoctrination in grad
school has been at all effective, it’ll
generally be understood that “service
to the profession” is a duty… and that
this is entirely *different* from service
to the department or the college or the
vice-president for academic affairs.
which is enough. tell me about some
of the problems on *your* campus
and *i’ll* tell you where to find some
people who’ve *done something about*
similar problems on similar campuses
or anyway to learn *something* useful
about your problem… while meeting up
with some of the liveliest fellow scholars
in the game and working hard on
worthwhile projects. maybe somebody
will even *read* something you wrote
with real interest. why not ask for
the moon. anyhow that’s the high road.

(one should also belong to a disciplinary
association in my opinion; i’m currently
*not* plugged into ams, maa, or nctm
but am ex- in all of ’em and’ll probably
pay dues to at least one of ’em again
soon. one needs a pro peer group
*particularly* when not actually working
as a pro… anyhow insofar as one still
includes “highroad” health-of-the-profession
issues on one’s personal agenda…)

by calling iww the “low” road i intend
to *dignify* it. if bosses are “high class”,
we’re the other thing: we won’t have
anybody’s boss *in* our union but
only fellow workers. that’s just basic.
if it’s “low” to call exploitation by the
name of exploitation … to call violence
by the name of violence… and to invoke
heroes like joe hill at every opportunity
in *doing* it… well sign up here,
because we’ve got lots more good songs
and the strong hearts to keep singing ’em
when the heads start cracking.

it’s pretty widely understood that there’s
an earthquake on and everything’s changing
all at once all around us. the high-tech god
pretty clearly has feet of clay, too, anyway
for more and more people as it appears to me.

so it’s a great moment. *something* like colleges
will emerge from all this mess with any luck
and it’s not unreasonable to hope to be a part
of whatever that might happen to be. any luck,
there’ll be a general strike soon and one can
be part of that along the way.

meanwhile i’ve got my publishing projects
and haven’t done much about founding
a school or a resource center or any of that
so it’s not like this’ll take over my whole
life or anything. just, you know,
welcome back to the struggle, me.

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the clouds are weeping

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2009

now that i’ve got the scale of the thing
i’ll probably be walking back & forth
between barclay and country club
quite a bit. anyhow yesterday i did
a oneway and stopped along the way
for this swell new jean jacket
(at a catering-to-spanish-speakers
western themed deal with some
pretty cool periodicals and weird
softdrinks & stuff where i talked
with the cashier a little even)
and a few, get this, paperbacks
at a newish thrift. where i’ll soon
drop off some consignment items.
i put out a few books for sale in the
coffeehouse i’m sitting in now
(no internet connection at barclay)
last spring but
this is practically a done deal.
pat… running the place… sez
the books have been moving fast.
wouldn’t be surprised if i end up doing
some shelving and stuff. any luck who knows
meet a few more book people into
doing stuff on the cheap. looks like
potentially a Real Good Thing.
of course there’s no coffeehouse or
even restaurant or any other such
streetlife-building enterprises.
and main street evidently couldn’t
support a used bookstore
right across the friggin street
from capital friggin university
so don’t get your hopes up.
anyhow, now for back home.
ten mystery novels into the pack.
on to east livingston slowly.
weather permitting.

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off in the distance

Posted by vlorbik on October 31, 2009

i walked about eleven miles yesterday.
clear across whitehall twice
the short way and up and down
most of the height of bexley
(once each). i had to feed the cat.
while i was there (my apartment;
i claimed a little bit ago to
be living here at madeline’s
and indeed i feel it to be so
but there *is* this other place
[and this *cat*]), i got the
guitar i’d left over there
and strapped it on and so for
half the trip i was strumming away
(you’ve gotta play *loud* sometimes
even to hear yourself at all
out on main street–the national road
for hecksake—so i did little
enough picking).

no running though. but
the day before *that* i added on
a little distance to the basic
half-mile loop along the “service road”
and its nearest parallel, the route
i’d by then run a whopping total
of three times already. so that’ll be
the new standard for a while:
just under a mile. i’m snapping back
into shape at a pretty good pace.
i always have so far so i’m not amazed
(as i *was* amazed when i first started
roadwork in 79: i’d worked with weights
for months before progress became obvious
but it only took weeks with running before
i got *way* better)… i’d set
my expectations low what with the
“being fifty-some” thing.

anyhow i haven’t looked this good
in years and everything’s getting
real good and solid. main steet is
even more barren of streetlife
at street level than it appears
from the middle of the road
out car windows but you see
a few people waiting for
the bus and whatnot; mostly
they’re glad to see you.
guitars are great.

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bread on the waters

Posted by vlorbik on September 20, 2009

so some newyear’s resolutions
are in order.

“plant a flag” i seem to’ve told myself
last time around so let’s see.

moving in with madeline is all but legal.
it has been for some time but it’s more so now.
this is where i live: southeast columbus.

i’ve been walking up and down
a couple of its streets anyhow
for months… this makes it mine
already in a way few others can claim.

it’s only lately i’ve been
chatting up garage sale hosts
or hanging the guitar on though.

more of this.

obviously keep upgrading the wardrobe.
no need to be in a big hurry about it
(absent some immediate pressing need
for some single outfit or something).
“beware of all enterprises
that require new clothes.”

my dad did an edition of _walden_
but i learned this from ma.
it’s not her fault i went ahead
and edited it down to
“beware all enterprises,
full stop”. that was mine.

(digression you should skip:
cf “simplify, simplify”
which of course *begs*
to be cut…)

anyhow, the real program i’m dancing
around here is to have some doggone
“this is who i am” thing…
to pull myself together
into something tidy enough
to present behind some particular
public “face” that will ID me
in a word or phrase.

this is surprisingly hard to do.

i’m a teacher, obviously
whether i like it or not
(it happens i love it;
i’ve had a great life so far
as i sometimes overlook to say).

which i’ll go ahead and break down.
*performing artist
*human face of the institution

and i love the first two of these
and have all my life; the struggle
is then to accept the need for
the institution and learn to,
yes dammit, love the part of the work
that’s about control.

there was a guy back at dominican
who’d sometimes say of students
“you can’t be their *pal*”
with a sort of withering scorn note
on the “pal”… sounding of some
real bitterness too but at the same
time sort of smacking (for me)
of something he’d *been told*
(by, to finish out this fantasy,
some more experienced teacher
in his early days).

a good deal of the “ed wars”
would seem to be about whether
teachers should long for the
“first learner” vibe…
“i’m quite a bit more experienced
than you folks in some areas, but
we’re here on the same project:
studying math. there’s some rules;
many of them don’t make sense
even to me. life is like that.
let’s try to avoid the rules
to the best of our ability
and see what we can do
just by studying math.”
kinda thing.

of course we should. like i said:
the *human* face of the institiution.

this is just common
sense: one is presumptively
pro-student just as one sides
with prisoners, with labor,
with veterans, with the “disabled”,
with the unemployed, and with
victims of sexism, of racism,
of “homophobia”, and of all the
rest of the divide-and-conquer
oppressions that define the
lives of so many.

but still. one stands at a gateway.
of course the point is to see
that *others* actually get *through* it.
now, we can just check people off
on having done certain tasks
held by all the authorities
to be routine.

or we can do the human work
of actually trying to *help*
somebody in some way.
if only by helping them
accept the necessity of the routine
in achieving some greater goal.

i can do that.

_the_class_. wow.
this guy stars in a movie
of a book he wrote about
himself teaching a class
of french highschoolers.

nobody should be simultaneously
as good as this guy at so much.

and just the thing for a viewer
obsessed with power-and-control
issues in contemporary classrooms.
(it’s even scarier than i remembered.)

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