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email still works when i can get to it. long bus rides are involved so it won’t always be quick.

Posted by vlorbik on December 18, 2010

the phones are down. the service just kept getting worse
and i left it to madeline to set us up some new accounts.
trying to keep the old numbers was a horrible mistake;
the old ones are out of service and the new ones
have *not* been activated after a great deal of
madeline’s time has been sucked up on the net.

all just part of a very tough week too ghastly
to discuss in this format. here’s some *good*
news: i’ve got a TA position at BigState U
for the winter quarter. rather a large pay-cut
from last quarter (when i was a lecturer not
a TA; 5 grand versus 3300)… but this time
i’ll go ahead and put some books in the office
and maybe even make some new contacts;
stuff like that. so reports of my never being
a math teacher ever again are exaggerated.

lamb for dinner. happy birthday, me.
yay madeline.

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in other news, facebook is evil

Posted by vlorbik on December 9, 2010

the net’s down again at madeline’s.
and the quarter’s almost over so
i won’t have this office at BigState
after tomorrow. don’t expect to
reach me by email.

it appears that one is simply not
*supposed* to have the net at home.
yesterday i saw a box in the drug store
for a hundred bucks that you can
browse the net with wherever
there’s a free wifi cloud. i think.
obviously if you need to set up
some *paying account*, the damn
thing’s useless. worth looking into

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