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the livingston avenue review of t-shirts #3

Posted by vlorbik on April 19, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-18 at 21.53

i claimed last week in the other blog
that i’d be going to SPACE: here’s proof
i kept my word. the t-shirt’ll never look
this good again of course. but me? just
like ol’ broadway joe, that’s me: getting
better looking every day.

i don’t know how much less i *weigh* than,
say, this time last year… but i know i’ve
punched yet *another* hole in this belt here:
a couple of inches on the waistline, easy.
all without going vegan or fasting or dieting
or *any* of that. yay, me. still way over-
weight. but going in the right direction.

anyhow, nix is ken eppstein’s line of
rock-n-roll-horror-western-kids comics,
straight outta columbus, ohio…
and, just like stan the man or some-
thing… though obviously on a much
smaller *scale*… ken gets lots of
cool stories and art from his “bullpen”,
usually several stories per ish.
i first spotted it in 2011.

it was great to see ken at the show and
pick up the new “book”. of course i got
all the OH, COMICS! i’d missed since the
last time i attended… bob corby’s annual
of ohio small-press comics. bob’s also
the guy who puts SPACE on every year:
a pillar of the community. yay, back
porch comics

i also picked up work by old favorites
john p., max ink, suzanne baumann,
michael neno, craig bogart, & larry blake,
and had at least a short conversation
with each. see the appropriate issues
of the ten page news and indy
for my reviews from long

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slight change in format

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2010

to (a) the finite Points
(of P_2; these are
in F^3) and (b) the
“Line at infinity”
consisting of the
*vertical* F^3 lines,
we have now added
(c) the “Point at infinity”
(in the lower-right-hand
corner of the diagram).

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here it is again obfuscated by graphics

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2010

note the “pac-man topology” effect.
the three finite Points (clusters of
nine dots *above* the dotted line)
running down the middle column
*all* depict “lines of slope one”
but this is only obvious when one
has become used to “wrapping
around” at opposite edges.

note how the dots in the middle Point
proceed “up and to the right”.
now look at the Point below this one.
starting at the left-hand edge, we
again see the up-and-right move
but then “vanish off the top of the
screen” to “reappear at the bottom”
(like pac-man or many another
video icon… likewise, when a point
“vanishes off the right edge”,
it “reappears” at the left…).
from an algebraic point of view,
all this is a consequence of
“working mod 3”.

the zero slopes along the left edge
and the “infinite” (vertical) slopes
along the bottom are of course
much easier to make out.

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just remember [2]+[2]=[1] and we’re all set

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2010

pp. 2 & 3 of the newly-minted P_2({\Bbb F}_3).

the (linear) equations above the line
will turn out to correspond to “finite points”
of the projective space of the title;
the algebraically-alert will easily confirm
that these are the lines (in {\Bbb F}_3^2)
having “finite slopes”. the x = A
lines can then be thought of as
having *infinite* slope (and represented,
just as in R^2 [ordinary real 2-space],
by *vertical* lines). here come the
next couple pages.

(the icon by my finger, for now,
indicates only that these three
latest points “have something
in common”… a hint of things
to come.)

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origin of species

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2010

MEdZ 0.9.1 pp. 2, 3.

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there’s no place like home… there’s no place like home…

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2010

the camera on madeline’s computer still works.

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“now here’s something you’ll *really* like”… “that trick *never* works”

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2010

i’m actually kind of reluctant to post this;
it’s probably the best idea i’ve had since
i started making up lectures without words
and now it’ll be easy to steal. you saw it
here first.

the Big triangle is made up of seven Little triangles.
each Little has seven Points. moreover the Points
of each Little (considered as subobjects of their Little)
are arranged in the same pattern
as the Littles themselves are (considered
as subobjects of Big).

pick any Little and call it L1.
there are three dark points in L1.
find the three Littles that correspond
to these three Points.

(for example, let L1 be the lower-left Little;
the three Littles i refer to now run along
the right side of Big [just as the dark Points
run along the right side of L1]).

the three Littles in question are then
precisely those in which the Point…
P1, say… that corresponds to L1
(considered as a subobject of Big)
is dark. i’ll be here all week.

(it’s better with the handwaving.)

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perhaps *this* will refresh your memory

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2010

pages 4 & 5 of MEdZ #0.9.

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trying again dammit

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2010

Photo on 2010-11-23 at 14.05

Originally uploaded by vlorbik

the camera built into legion (= my mac-book)

broke a few months back (or the software

decided to mess with me… what amounts

to the same thing). so i haven’t been posting

photos. but my office at Big State U has a mac

and it turns out i still remember how (to make ’em

and to post ’em in this rather clunky way).

what we have here… but what *belongs*

in MEZB (i *told* you it was clunky)… is

a picture of the theorem P_2({\Bbb F}_5) \equiv P_2({\Bbb F}_5)^*

(“the two-dimensional projective space constructed

on the field with five elements is isomorphic to its own

dual space”).

i put it in a zine recently (along with diagrams for

P_2({\Bbb F}_2) and P_2({\Bbb F}_7);

{\Bbb F}_3 is left as an exercise).

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stop me if you’ve heard this

Posted by vlorbik on May 20, 2010

pages from MEdZ #0.8…
the “K_4 — K_n remix”
issue. this provides a
wordless introduction
to the standard-binary-
algorithm (and its inverse).

everybody gets this pretty quick
that tries in my experience so
it’s a lot of fun to talk about.
which is what the “lectures
without words” series is *for*
in some sense. anyhow,
i’ve been having a blast
thrusting these on people
and then banging out whatever
little mini-lectures i can get ’em
to sit still for.

this is some of the simplest stuff there is.
in my pedagogy it’s *obvious* that you’ll
appeal again and again to the simplest
things so you might as well get used to
at least a few of ’em.

today i learn that the “i” of “the _i_ching_”
can mean “simple” as well as “change”.
now “ching” means something like “scripture”
(my source actually said “sutra”;
another way to say it would be
“classic text”). so on this model
the “sixty-four ways”… 000000
up to 111111… are “simple scripture”.

anyhow, an *introduction* to
simple scripture…
there are actually 4096 “readings”
possible for th’ _i_ching_, not just
64… and they’re not all equally
likely… so things get complicated
pretty quick (as you can generally
expect math problems to do).
just thought you should know.

the robot and the guy are doing battle.

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