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a zine, a paperback, and a comedian walk into a bar… no, wait…

Posted by vlorbik on May 7, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-06 at 20.49

Photo on 2014-05-06 at 20.46

the outlined-in-green plastic lid is new;
its counterpart… a new long glass “pan”…
is on a part of the counter (to the right
of the frame) not seen here. the milk carton
is not an endorsement as such; i picked it
up today at the spanish grocery near the
park-and-ride around the corner from living-
ston and brice: “LALA leche entera con
vitamina D” etcetera etcetera. but LALA
certainly has a pleasant ring to it and
who can disagree with a mother-and-baby
(even though they appear to be having
the time of their lives being swept away
on some tidal wave of milk or something)?
the mouse is the mouse. the egg-flipper
sharing the foreground with it is first
of the lot; the fourth-best is next to
the mister-natural-doing-dishes poster
(yay, crumb!) over the toaster at right
hiding the handle of the pizza slicer.
the vegetable oil in the jar under all
that was used in deep-frying yesterday’s

the other shot? well, any beginner ought
to be able to spot chris ware and steranko.
if you know the kurtzman book, you’ll know
that there are plenty of other greats with
work shown on that one cover alone. ditto
the u.s.~mail thingum in the frame. you’ll
maybe be able to guess the painter for the
(also u.s.~mail) sticker next to the frame.
the drawing in the *box* with the sticker
on it is by me (of a statue in the IMU at
IU bloomington). oh, hey. vincent, of
course. that thing on the side of the
cabinet with all the covers on it has lots
of cool art, but even i can’t name any now.
(i’ll be looking it over later on tonight.)
once i tell you that _empire_
is in there, you’ll find it easily enough
if you know it. but i think that’s about
it for artists having the property that one
can point at the photo here shown and say
“that’s so-and-so, and i can tell you how
i can *tell* it’s so-and-so”. could be
i’m wrong. a post this long *always* has
mistakes in it… i’m *bound* to be wrong
about *something*. got counterexamples?

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half a lemon per entire pitcher of powdered ‘nade. arnoldize to taste. leftover pizza dipped in ranch.

Posted by vlorbik on May 5, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-04 at 10.00

Photo on 2014-05-04 at 21.37

some more fruits of my latest shelving binge
and probably the last dishes i’ll wash tonight.
i improved a bunch of the movie-and-theatre
section today. madeline liked the homefries.
yay, me.

if there’s bacon trimmings set aside,
heat ’em up in the small steel pan.
wipe out the cast-iron pan & melt
some butter in it.

cut four potatoes in half the long way
with the big knife on a wooden cutting
board. slide each potato-half gradually
under the knife with your left hand as
you raise and lower the knife with your
right in a sort of “rolling” motion (so
that the blade never leaves the board);
the ideal here is uniformly thin “chip”-
-like slices.

this’ll take longer than you anticipate
and the butter’s getting hot, so get
some of the easy stuff started: break
out the peppers (four colors of green
pepper, already cleaned & partly sliced
as of, what, a couple days now i guess);
finish cutting up a couple strips in
each color & put ’em in the butter.

get out the thousand island while you’re
at it and quality-control a few pepper-
-slices. finish cutting up the potatoes
& put ’em in the pigfat. go get an
onion-half; knock off a corner & slice
it up. merge the taters in with the
peppers; cover it up and lower the heat.
cook the sting out of the onions in
the little pan and add those in. now
do the dishload seen here: this will
take a while. whenever you think about
stirring stuff up, try the thickest
slice you see: still too crunchy.
halfheartedly cut a few other thick
slices with the turner; re-cover &
get back to cleaning up. somewhere
along the line, add in some taco
seasoning (from a pre-mix package
but stored in a no-label bottle
[seen here at the back of the
“spicerack” shelf with the easily-
-missed brown lid next to the no-
-label bottle with the green lid,
right behind the greek seasoning])
and some “greek” seasoning. heat
up a coffee and have some of that.
when the homefries are good and ready,
put most of it into a small glass bowl
and add a goodly dollop of sour cream.
sprinkle a token few dried parsley
flakes on top of the sour-cream dollop
so it’ll look all classy and stuff.
serves one hungry clean-plater.
yay, me.

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the linking and not-linking rings

Posted by vlorbik on May 3, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-03 at 16.36

Photo on 2014-05-03 at 16.38

the drying rack supporting the forks here
began life as one of a set of, i think,
four, held together (badly) as a single
shelving-unit-thingee and stayed that way
until i pulled the whole thing apart (with-
out exactly meaning to). usually it holds
up a bamboo cutting board next to the toast-
er and provides a space to shove the dirty
silver. it’ll’ve been visible in several
shots hitherto but i’m lazy to look ’em up.
meanwhile, the siverware-process is in flux.
look into the future for more on this fasci-
nating topic. (if i ever post the link.)
meanwhile, here are some more books (and
stuff). most of the shakespeare (the videos
are in the viewing-chamber along with one
of the one-volume _complete_works_es and a
double of the “_introducing_…such-and-
-such]_”-series volume). a small fraction
of the comics. madeline’s borromean rings.


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the livingston avenue review of t-shirts #3

Posted by vlorbik on April 19, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-18 at 21.53

i claimed last week in the other blog
that i’d be going to SPACE: here’s proof
i kept my word. the t-shirt’ll never look
this good again of course. but me? just
like ol’ broadway joe, that’s me: getting
better looking every day.

i don’t know how much less i *weigh* than,
say, this time last year… but i know i’ve
punched yet *another* hole in this belt here:
a couple of inches on the waistline, easy.
all without going vegan or fasting or dieting
or *any* of that. yay, me. still way over-
weight. but going in the right direction.

anyhow, nix is ken eppstein’s line of
rock-n-roll-horror-western-kids comics,
straight outta columbus, ohio…
and, just like stan the man or some-
thing… though obviously on a much
smaller *scale*… ken gets lots of
cool stories and art from his “bullpen”,
usually several stories per ish.
i first spotted it in 2011.

it was great to see ken at the show and
pick up the new “book”. of course i got
all the OH, COMICS! i’d missed since the
last time i attended… bob corby’s annual
of ohio small-press comics. bob’s also
the guy who puts SPACE on every year:
a pillar of the community. yay, back
porch comics

i also picked up work by old favorites
john p., max ink, suzanne baumann,
michael neno, craig bogart, & larry blake,
and had at least a short conversation
with each. see the appropriate issues
of the ten page news and indy
for my reviews from long

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crossposted in the livingston review

Posted by vlorbik on January 29, 2012

breaking news: columbus indie comix fair announcement in f’book. march 3; 1:00–6:00.

more ICF coverage at neno’s eventized.

“hornschemeier honored with graphic novel residency” (story at corby’s “space guy 13”).

wasted potential on hiatus “for the foreseeable future”. nice run, ray!

one-stop shopping for columbus OH indies, by nix.

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AKIFI other people’s blogs

Posted by vlorbik on January 9, 2010

how to color comics (“in photochop” evidently goes without saying these days).
stef lenk’s selfpublishing comics primer (also found) at jim munroe’s.

marc b.’s in rare form: hilarious mr RIP and remarks on AHA.

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today’s morning ramble…

Posted by vlorbik on January 6, 2010

… as i noted already next door (this will take some getting used to) is here in “kitchen table math” (rearguard middle-class edwarriors). whatever (non-mathy) links i post today if any go below. of course i won’t habitually crosspost. loyal facebook readers are on their own for the MEZB (“mezz-bee”) stuff from now on.

the midwest school per huizenga and spiegelman.

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world enough and time

Posted by vlorbik on December 27, 2009

archie marries betty.

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bucky’s christmas caper

Posted by vlorbik on December 25, 2009

wally wood art for the season. stan freberg too.

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all knowledge is found in facebook

Posted by vlorbik on December 11, 2009

brad dwyer covers bob oksner. thanks to alex robinson for spotting this fine blog.
richard moser on organizing (longish).
mc lemee interviews bethanne patrick.

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