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steel and glass

Posted by vlorbik on March 10, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-10 at 11.50

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political maneuvering

Posted by vlorbik on July 27, 2011

medicine and media: MedFraud and p. heimlich’s blog. spotted at, of all places, MPG’s.

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a petri-disch community

Posted by vlorbik on April 4, 2010

florida school reform in WaPo.

now with bloglike pop-up commentation from users:
deschooling society (dot-digress.it).

my life in schools.

primary first.
i was… more than most people even…
the subject of an *educational experiment*:
at university elementary school in the sixties
many of us even as kids spoke of ourselves
as “guinea pigs” for indiana university,
its ed school in particular. there were
great big ungainly boxes like a filing cabinet
on wheels that ran remote controls for
closed-circuit-TV cameras following us
through our lessons. for example.
and we were tested tested tested
you’d better believe… the “iowa test
of basic skills” seems to have come up
pretty often (anyhow the name sticks).
but remember it was the sixties:
we were also getting “the new math”,
a from-the-ground-up approach based
on *set theory*. this approach allegedly
flopped nationwide because its teachers
didn’t understand its principles.
ours sure did and it was far the clearest
thing in school or life then or now
as far as i’ve been able to determine.
there was plenty of (what’s now called)
“discovery learning” going on too:
it was the very *age* of “do your own thing”
and our teachers had breathed in its spirit
at a rich source. (iu bloomington, as we
will see, was my very *garden of eden*,
the paradise i’ve been exiled from
[for my knowledge of good and evil]).

so there was a lot of best-of-both-worlds
and i was right at home. in fact, i was
pretty much at home *anywhere* in those days
and i knew it: my family did two years
(“kindergarten” and “4th grade” for me)
abroad with *lots* of travel time
in croatia and the rest of what was then
known as “yugoslavia”… slovenia, serbia,
bosnia, and so on… plus poland, czechoslovakia
(another name change for the present-day),
austria, and on and on. *we* were together
and it felt it would just naturally always
be so. we five: dad, mom, elder sister
hannah, me, younger brother nathan.

sixth grade was pivotal. i’ll have mentioned
it already in this very blog i think; anyway
i hereby promise to return to this subject.

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we take “contempt of cop” *seriously* in these parts, mister

Posted by vlorbik on March 19, 2010

peter watts convicted (scroll down to 6:56 March 19). you’re next.

no. wait. here.

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zot’s corporate personhood links

Posted by vlorbik on January 24, 2010

in the comments.

Candidate Barack Obama was one sharp speaker, but he would not have been heard, and certainly would not have won, without the astonishing outpouring of donations from two million Americans. It was an unprecedented uprising-by-PayPal, overwhelming the old fat-cat sources of funding.

Well, kiss that small-donor revolution goodbye.

–g. palast

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be very afraid

Posted by vlorbik on January 16, 2010

teach for america in th’ atlantic monthly.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 20, 2009

M. Doyle on STEM.
MT@P #20. the failblog version.
Bloomington Handmade Market: Saturday.
Bribe to the flop.

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lies of the program

Posted by vlorbik on November 18, 2009

blah blah blah: NYT.

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Posted by vlorbik on October 27, 2009

robert alter on crumb’s genesis (in tnr).
the blackboard patent suit. hat tip.
universities have too many administrators making too much money: cew at marc b’s.
\bulletbonus link: revolting management shenanigans at southwest college.
gwendolyn bradley on the collapsing faculty infrastructure (aaup committee report).

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Lies Of The Program

Posted by vlorbik on August 19, 2009

The techniques in this chapter are most important and should be thoroughly practiced before proceeding to the rest of the book.

now, this is a contemptable lie.
anyhow, that’s my gut reaction;
a moment’s analysis reveals that
since no “ought” has much of anything
to do with an “is”… at least not
until some philosophical framework
can be put into place… what we
have here couldn’t *possibly* be
a “lie” in the sense of
“statement contrary to fact”
(which is pretty close to the surface
in whatever i think i’m talking about
when i use “lie” *without* first
having somehow established
a philosophical framework beyond
the “common sense” i’m more or less
bound in the nature of the case
to assume in my ideal reader.
geez. okay. come on. really.).

it *feels* like a lie though…
so there’s some belief of mine
that this feels like an attack on.
well? aha. my belief that
“prerequisites are tools of the devil”.

you see somebody copping this
how-can-you-have-any-pudding attitude
right there in cold print and if you’ve
got ears to hear you’ll shove the damn thing
into the shredder because they’re telling
you loud and clear you can learn nothing
from them except that “only by actually playing
will you ever learn anything about playing”.

which is itself sort of “true”.

suppose we begin to sketch out
a duality along the lines theory/technique.

technique without theory–
what our author is in effect advocating here–
is then the famous “training”
that “reform” education would have us
always to turn away from
(but without actually, you know,
*moving* away… mustn’t make waves…).
“school” as opposed to “learning”.

theory without technique?
well, that’d be what the
*counter-reform* party–
i’d’ve included myself
when i still pretended to convictions–
is always attacking “educationists” for.
“whatsoever king shall reign,
i’ll be vicar of bray, sir!”–
it doesn’t matter *what* the “content”,
a real teacher-not-trainer will
teach “the child not the subject”
and so needn’t be accountable
for *any* certain set of “mere” skills
etcetera et bleeding cetera
god knows we never get enough
venom on either side and can always
use plenty more on both.

and, in further defense of the
damnable lie in question
(which remains a damnable lie…
there are actual *songs* in the
back of the book for the love of god;
of course no living teacher
would tell a living student
*not* to try playing around on ’em
until they’d “thoroughly practiced”
i-m, i-m, i-m; 2-1, 2-1, 2-1
“the descending ligado”.
i mean, come on.)…
probably every teacher feels the duty
to remind the student that
the truly diligent student
seeks to *surpass* the teacher; also
“*whatever* i can teach you
you’ll only really learn it
when you make it your own”
etcetera etcetera.

probably our author will have had to tell
every last living one of his
(“frederick m. noad” has here
been assumed “male” for, hmm,
rhetorical purposes) living students:
“you need to practice more!”. anyhow,
this would appear to be something
most teachers need to tell
most students sooner or later.

so he’s just trying to get the effect
in print. failing badly, of course;
most people don’t seem to care
*what* the heck they commit to print
just so they can get it over with.
mr. noad (peace be on him!)
should write out
“teach the whole student”
fifty times before he’s ever
allowed to learn anything else
from *me*.

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