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my dyin’ bed.

Posted by vlorbik on May 29, 2012

f’book’s got a version by a spot-on bob clone. meet me jeezus meet me.

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imminent death of the net predicted

Posted by vlorbik on May 10, 2012

i can’t post to fucking facebook.

even wordpress is giving me a hard time.

i’ll be damned to hell forever before i

“upgrade” any of these mostly-worse-

-than useless pieces of stinking crap.

but meanwhile, i looked up my dad’s

<A HREF=”http://texts.cdlib.org/view?docId=hb5f59n9gs&chunk.id=div00037&brand=calisphere&doc.view=entire_text”>obituary</A&gt; at U of cali.

there’s a thread in th’ “book” about children of

indiana u profs of the 60s & 70s; i meant to’ve

posted the link there.  so if this post shows *up*

there, maybe somebody’ll cut-and-paste appropriately.

i fucking quit.

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