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Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2009

you can buy my numbers, sets, and logic notes
as a .PDF download for five bucks.
i get three seventyfive.
then you print it out on your own equipment
at your own expense. it’s got a few scribbles
on it by me from when i used the copy i zapped
as lecture notes literally and it breaks off
in the middle before you get to the best part.
so it’s hardly ready for public consumption at all.
still at the price of an elaborate greeting card,
these’ll make great gifts for everyone
on your list especially me. be advised
that in my holiday exuberance you can
also read it for free.
when the beta version rolls out
this feature will be cut. probably
i’ll deny i ever did it too.
something comes over people
when they start selling and i
don’t see why i should be an exception.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 21, 2009

my old lecture notes appear still to be online somehow.
on the barricades at ucla.

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imminent death of the net predicted

Posted by vlorbik on November 6, 2009

this keypad causes the cursor to jump at random;
typing (rightly so-called) is essentially impossible.
this will be a short post.
the “we deliberately sell you stuff that won’t work
to incentivise you to upgrade to more expensive stuff
that also won’t work” thing is getting pretty old.
meanwhile legion (the macbook) is miles away.
just the same. i’ve begun work on a book.
“foundations of college mathematics” looks
like a pretty good working title since i intend
to present mostly material covered in the classes
i’ve actually been teaching all these years.
i’ve downloaded a free copy of TeX
so whenever i’ve schlepped across town
to barclay (sometime this weekend) i can start
figuring out all over again how tables work
and stuff like that. goodlooking graphics will
be out of the question. but then…
our medium is handwriting.
i’ll need one of those pads you draw direct to digital with.
of course it won’t work right. suggestions?

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Withdrawal Symptoms

Posted by vlorbik on July 31, 2009

Sorry for the disappearing act. Once I’d shut down MadPOV and th’ AcLump, and lost the lease on vlorbik-dot-com and my account with my former employer and whatnot I experienced one of my manymany to-hell-with-it moments, never more common than when there’s a computer in the picture. OK, a computer or a telephone.

There’s also an “I don’t know who I even am anymore” thing going on and pretty doggone fiercely if I’m any judge. This probably won’t surprise my three or four remaining loyal readers much since I haven’t vanished altogether from the interwebs. For that matter, constant personal emotional meltdown crises are, like, my stock in trade.

Anyhow, one of the things I’m sure I am is the guy who used to do VME. Also I wrote up some lecture notes once in the form of Textbook Chapters (and flogged ’em halfheartedly until my tenuretrack dream turned to concentrated horsepiss). Also I’ve demonstrated anyhow a dilettante’s devotion to self-publishing: GLOAT magazine (1969), STOP and The Ten Page News (early 70’s), The Ten Page News and Indy Unleashed (late 90’s & early 00’s). To say nothing of VME and the other blogs (IU was a zine review zine so I was here trying to survey a certain selfpublishing subculture [just as I was doing with VME not that anybody seems to have noticed]).

So like I said elsewhere recently, I should be doing a book not a blog. What I didn’t say there, but what seems almost as obvious, I should then print up a couple hundred of ’em at my own expense and spread ’em around. We’ll cross that bridge if we can’t get out of it. Meanwhile, I’m back. Sort of. Maybe.

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