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TV Repairman (1983)

Posted by vlorbik on January 14, 2013

Well, I graduated high-school
In nineteen-seventy-three
And the job I got a the factory
Didn’t need no college degree.
I was makin’ pretty good money
Makin’ them color TV’s
Till they went a built a machine
That could do it better than me.

Well, momma didn’t raise up a fool
So I went and got myself
Right back in school.
I mighta been in a jam
But there’s nothin’ I can’t fix
I was a certified TV repairman
By nineteen-seventy-six.

Well, that was the very same year
The robot went to Mars
And meantime down on Earth
There were robots making cars
And nearly everything else
And I started wondering when
Another one o’ them robots
Would steal my job again.

And you may think that
Your future is secure
But if I were you
I wouldn’t be so sure.
No matter what you think
No matter what you do
There’s soon gonna be a machine
That can do it better than you.
And there’s nothing left
For you and me
But a whole lotta color TV.
A whole lotta color TV.

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