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“what’s vlorbik *on*?”…”wordpress-dot-com!”

Posted by vlorbik on August 24, 2011

in today’s edition of “too much time
on the net”, we have bousquet’s
piece on student guestworkers
(after a month’s absence) and this
announcement for independents’ day
(9/17 in downtown columbus).

okay. i’m gonna wash the dishes now
and make some lunch or something. geez.

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lay down your weary tune

Posted by vlorbik on August 24, 2011

soundcloud was acting up yesterday
but finally i succeeded in posting
this version of “for john henry”.
difficult, madam? would god
it were impossible.

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go tell it on the internet

Posted by vlorbik on August 15, 2011

computer security at xkcd. if we could just get rid of these pesky “humans”…

same thing when i try to wear
my backpack into the drugstore.
“leave it up here where anybody
can easily take it, please… it makes
our robot overlords feel more
secure. women with purses are
okay [so what if they could easily
slip something into ’em out of
sight of our three-gazillion
hidden cameras whereas you’d have to
be some contortionist and master
thief to get anything into your
backpack while it’s on your frigging
back without being noticed].
we just feel more *secure*
when *you* take a risk. this
is a *business*, buddy.” good news
for both of us then: i’m outta here.
and anyhow won’t now be harassed
for my stockholm-syndrome “loyalty card”.
hell. i can get better drugs on the damn
street if i’m gonna have to *gamble*.

but just try living without a phone
or a bank account for a while if you
think you can escape this “password” snafu.
and xkcd doesn’t even *mention*
that “impossible to remember” *also*
implies “much easier to crack
even *without* a computer” since
the victim will of course want
to write the damn thing down
and make it easy to find.

also this: the “defense” department
is actually the *war* department and
changing its name didn’t change its
nature in the least. now this:
the emperor has no clothes. and:
if they call it “security”, somebody’s
rights are being trampled (and you’re next).
more wars! more prisons! more TV!

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and the last fight let us face

Posted by vlorbik on August 9, 2011

hyperreality at “recall kasich” rally.

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