Vlorbik's Diner

son of owen's cooking show


web autobiography off the top of my head.

it was love at first sight;
the one-and-only killer app
(still onto this day; editing is nice and all
but a dedicated word-processor
would work just about as well).

so i started making web pages within weeks
of seeing one for the first time. posted
within a few months. details are hazy.
i worked out of my office at dominican
at that time so shauna became something
of an internet widow. i did text-only for
a long time and would just as soon
still be at it if i had my way; graphics are hard
and wasteful of resources mostly though
i like movies about as well as the next guy
i guess. (but what i really *don’t* want
to do is direct…)

the “vlorbik” moniker came into effect
in this era; i was creating a new account
and all the obvious usernames…
othomas, thomaso, opthomas, blahblahblah…
were taken. somebody had passed this
alien-sounding handle onto me years before
but i’d left it unused until now.
glad i did it; egosurfing “owen thomas”
in the various search engines has always been
a sort of bittersweet experience but “vlorbik”
gets nothing but treasure (almost…).

i had already *been* something
of an e-mail junkie, by the way.
i’m exaggerating when i say one-and-only
killer app evidently. rambling at the typer
is a great way to catch oneself
in bigfat lies. if that’s your thing.

anyhow, i also got involved in a couple
usenet discussions (alt.zines and rec.arts.books).
when i knew how and had my own URL
i had links to my posts in those groups.
also to my comments in some math-ed
e-mail lists.

and i kind of resisted the whole “e-zine” version
of what became blogging. but blogs were great.
they’re about to be over now if they’re not already
unless i miss my guess though. so maybe that’s
about enough of that.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. wyatt counts said

    Hi Owen,

    I’m an old BHSN friend of Nathan from way back. I saw your video from ’74? on FB and got a kick out of it, RIP Lane Hicks. I found my way to your blog and enjoy it as well.
    Do you have an Email for Nathan? The last I heard of his whereabouts he was in Mystic. I imagine he’s a submarine captain, lurking in the oceans depths, protecting us all from evil doers…..or…… maybe he’s doing something else.


  2. vlorbik said

    that wasn’t my video (just my link).
    i’ll get with you on f’book about nathan.
    great to hear from you!

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