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before & during: lots of rubbermaid tupperware

Posted by vlorbik on November 24, 2014

Photo on 11-24-14 at 3.29 PM

Photo on 11-24-14 at 3.37 PM

everyone knows it’s windy.

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yamaha woody unstrung

Posted by vlorbik on November 17, 2014

Photo on 11-11-14 at 6.57 PM

it’s back to its usual set-up
(low five strung in the positions
of the high five; the tuning machine
for woody’s sixth was long ago bent
down into uselessness trying to stop
a buzzing) now a few days later.

tuned either as E-A-D-G-B (“the obvious”…
though really it’s not *so* obvious) or
as *if* A-D-G-B-E (the *apparently*
“obvious”… this would be the “usual”
tuning, with the sixth string missing).
this works out, let’s see, to a “concert-
-key” tuning of E-A-D-Gflat-B, duh (now
that i think of it; lower the second string
by a “half-step”; that’s it).

anyhow the upshot is that its the “obvious”
first tuning that’s weird to play…
i’ve got to keep reminding myself to
mentally move each fingering “up one string”;
in practice sometimes i’ll just fake it and
get (ordinary first-fret) E-major by just
kind of “thinking A-minor instead” and then
just transpose “visually” from there.

and it’s the second, “*apparently* obvious”,
tuning that’s easier to *play*. even though
i’ve computed the names of its notes only now.

new strings by madeline and the net. thanks, honey.

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each slice a meal in itself

Posted by vlorbik on November 17, 2014

Photo on 11-12-14 at 5.11 PM

madeline’s baconated beer bread. there’s still a little left.
here today, gone tomorrow. i served the next-to-last of it
today with a tossed salad (lettuce, much tomato, grated carrot,
tri-color greenpepper, grated cheese, raspberry-vinegrette)
and soup (canned cream-of-celery, fresh celery fried in
baconfat, four colors of greenpepper ditto, leftover steak
cut up fine, baconbits). later there was a BLT. meanwhile
a few more utensils and dishes have found appropriate places
to spend their waiting-to-be-used time in. we live good.
for extra decadence, dip the beerbread in Ranch. yum.

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or try again, then quit (no use being a damfool about it)

Posted by vlorbik on November 15, 2014

Photo on 11-9-14 at 5.08 PMPhoto on 11-9-14 at 5.08 PM #2

usually i publish the first take.
i had to swing the chandelier twice
this time to get the light to fall
on the cabinets properly though.
i was even ready to try two or three
more times. “if at first you don’t
succeed, to hell with it. it can’t
be done.”

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the greatest thing

Posted by vlorbik on November 15, 2014

Photo on 11-12-14 at 9.35 AM

with the cutting board at 45^\circ
to the counter-corner one has much better access
and can stand in a more comfortable position.
it’s not so important for sliced bread but
now that i’ve found this out i’m getting
pretty good even on potatoes.

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rainbow rainbow rainbow

Posted by vlorbik on November 6, 2014

Photo on 11-6-14 at 6.09 PM

not shown here: new microwave oven.

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along came a cider who sat down beside her

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2014

Photo on 10-28-14 at 3.46 AM

“poetry reading” day at church last week. betty started off with th’ goddamn _highwayman_. (it’s long as hell.) after that, much better. quiet john stole the show. but i was also pretty good. fifty-cent tip.

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but i’m *not* saying there’s no *bait* on the fucking *hook*! … *you’re* the one trying to say there’s no *hook* in the fucking *bait*!

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2014

Photo on 10-21-14 at 10.35 AM

just because you’ve decided it would be pleasant if nobody ever noticed what goes on? doesn’t mean nobody’s ever gonna notice what goes on. geez. look over there.

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to bone chickens. *that* is life.

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2014

Photo on 10-16-14 at 10.22 AM

that, and lemonade.

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higher & higher. baby.

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2014

Photo on 11-4-14 at 12.17 AM

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