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domestic arts in the age of digital distribution

Posted by vlorbik on May 31, 2016

Photo on 5-26-16 at 12.07 PM

nothing to see here; move along.

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twenty-four, seven

Posted by vlorbik on May 25, 2016

Photo on 5-25-16 at 12.07 PM

Photo on 5-25-16 at 12.09 PM
the first set of six heptagrams here depict
M-G-O-R-P-Y-B, M-O-P-B-G-R-Y, M-P-G-Y-O-B-R,
M-O-G-B-P-Y-R, M-P-O-Y-G-R-B, M-G-P-R-O-B-Y

(Mud at the top [in each case], and then,
going clockwise [in each case], we have,
[in the first case—i.e., the upper-left],
-Green-Orange-Red-Purple-Yellow-Blue. and
so on.)

since we are using M-R-B-G-P-Y-O as our
“identity permutation” (it’s found in the
upper left of the *second* photo), these six
can, much more economically, be written in
the standard “cycle” notation for permutations.
for example, M-G-O-R-P-Y-B (in the full
“display the permuted elements” notation)
becomes simply (RG)(BO). [this means “swap
the red with the green and swap the blue with
the orange”.]

the cycle-notation names of each heptagram of
the second set have been pencilled in. too
faintly to see clearly here, as it turns out.
i’ll probably ink ’em in eventually.

the second set also have some extra information.
one has verified that squags are taken to squags
by “filling in” a color between each pair of
points-of-the-star; specifically (of course),
the color that “completes the squag” (any two
colors uniquely determine one Blend, Blur, or
Ideal [just as any two points of “ordinary”
geometry uniquely determine a line; this’ll
be lurking in the background at all times]).

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.44 AM

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i seen the morning light

Posted by vlorbik on May 24, 2016

Photo on 5-24-16 at 7.22 AM

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works in progress

Posted by vlorbik on May 22, 2016

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.44 AM

the twenty-four heptagons can of course each be
“rotated” seven ways (in such a way that faces
are taken to faces… and so on [vertices to
vertices, squags to squags…]). hold on there.
what’s a squag, you say. well, a blend, a blur,
or the ideal.
anyhow, 24*7=168; these diagrams, then (were they
complete) would display (all of the) 168 ways to
“rearrange the colors” of MRBGPYO in such a way
that squags stay squags.

how do i turn off auto-“correct”?
it is impossible to work under these conditions.
when i say squag i mean squag and if the typer
won’t let me do it, we’re through.

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.34 AM

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quasi-random page of an unfinished zine

Posted by vlorbik on May 18, 2016

Photo on 5-18-16 at 10.27 AM

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resurrection blues

Posted by vlorbik on May 13, 2016

Photo on 5-13-16 at 10.20 AM

vlorbik’s diner. some new “verse” in the sidebar.
wretched interface. testing, one, two.

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