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so beautiful and so dangerous

Posted by vlorbik on June 22, 2016

Photo on 6-21-16 at 9.42 AM

the fresh-dishwater load (before & after).

for preference, the first pass… or first
*few* passes… with fresh soap will be *glass*.

whose praises can hardly be sung enough.
clarity is beauty, baby. hardness, too,
has much to offer. (but they break just
like a butcher’s cleaver if you’re not
looking. and sometime the tiny little
shards come back *weeks* after having
swept up.)

then, who knows. silver if it’s been rinsed.
whatever big pieces would look better on the
other side with very little fuss. certain
items should *never* be soaked; others should
*usually* be soaked. i don’t have a routine,
really. just a process for *finding out* a
routine. everything, all the time; life in
the batplane. but, you know, nothing in

homegrown… ie, here in columbus by friends-
-of-a-friend… eggs for a couple of days. i’m
still lacking in anything you’d call short-order-
-egg-cookin’ skills. unless “fun to eat” counts.
scramble-fried is the way it should be. for today.

Photo on 6-21-16 at 8.16 PM

2 Responses to “so beautiful and so dangerous”

  1. Anonymous said

    this blog is broken. i can’t log in.
    a seven-year bitch.

  2. vlorbik said

    so. this was my “homepage” for years,
    one of my many blogs. if seen as designed,
    there are sidebars with archives and some
    selected-posts and whatnot. but those are
    probably a thing of the past for most of what-
    ever readers this comment will find if any.
    so here’s the “selecta” link again.
    “feeds”, yick.

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