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cutting up chicken again

Posted by vlorbik on June 17, 2016

Photo on 6-17-16 at 12.28 PM

in the first panel, most of the big pieces
have been broken… or cut… off of the
central skeleton of the chicken (an enormous
factory-farm specimen). the breast not seen
here has been cut up and served, with rice
and the buttery sauce at the bottom of the
pan (madeline did everything up to putting
it in the oven and setting the timer; i did
all the cutting-up and dishing-out and so on).
there’s a bunch of skin… and bacon… in the
Photo on 6-17-16 at 1.08 PM

then, about to be covered up & put away, a dark-,
and a white-, meat bowl. the rice is invisible
behind ’em (and’ll be put away in another vessel).
there’s some done bacon and the wishbone (probably
too blurry to see) in one of those indispensable
plastic gizmen; this is a cheat in the sense that
i prepared it deliberately for the camera. really,
sure, i try to make it look good. but this is
supposed to be *without regard* to whether or not
i’m going to make a photo or post it at the diner.

then, the end. where wishes go to die.
Photo on 6-17-16 at 4.46 PM

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to bone chickens. *that* is life.

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2014

Photo on 10-16-14 at 10.22 AM

that, and lemonade.

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chickenleg sand

Posted by vlorbik on June 8, 2014

Photo on 2014-06-07 at 19.12

Photo on 2014-06-07 at 18.48

not shown: toast and mayo.
there’s one whole leg left
over. the big pieces of
skin went into a frying pan;
i’ve eaten all but the very
biggest as of the next morn-
ing. the bag of bones is
destined for the dumpster
obviously; the back-organs
are duly consumed along
with the bits of meat that
didn’t easily come off of
the bone or cartilage or
sinew or what have you.
yum. serve with ramen
noodles fried (after soft-
ening in the chickenbroth)
in leftover bacongrease
(seasoned lightly with
premix “poultry” blend
from the spicerack–
“fried ramen chips”).
makes two goodly sand-
wich halves, which in
the event, i got one of
for myownself. yum again.

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the raw and the cooked

Posted by vlorbik on March 23, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-23 at 11.53

so here’s a roasted chicken, mostly boned.
i’ve been eating the bits that didn’t slide
off the bone easily. the wings are something
of a pain, so i left ’em for later.

now to put everything away and *clean up*!

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first ever fried drumstick

Posted by vlorbik on February 3, 2013

so there was a lot of chicken
in the freezer & not much burger.
& so i took a leg-and-then-some
out to thaw last night.

i’m sort of a sandwich specialist
so i’d taken out dinner-for-two
portions of hamburger often enough
before now.

and i’d even fried *small pieces*
of chicken. but *grilled* would
be more accurate and i’d used
big boneless pieces (cut up into
much smaller pieces).

today i was going for the full
bone-in deep-fat chicken leg
i’ve loved since childhood
but never dared try to make
for myself.

& it came out alright.
so i made this picture
(on the first take… usually
i need two).

& so when madeline came back
from church this after’, i tell her
“there’s fried chicken” & she
goes right back into the kitchen
& eats her share. & i love it
when she eats what i cook.

& the next one will be better.
this was done in vegetable oil, period.
no herbs or spices of any kind.
it simply didn’t occur to me.

the trick of course is to get it
done all the way through with
the outside unburnt. i guess
i was sufficiently preoccupied
with this that seasonings-be-damned.

but i tell a lie.

the hunk of skin in the photo was
actually fried in another pan,
in chicken fat, and is transplanted
from the thigh. which i cut up
raw & then fried… or grilled…
in its own fat. quite a bit faster
mostly. i fried an egg in there
while i was at it, too… there’s
plenty of fat on that big ol’ thigh.

meanwhile, the drumstick’s going
low-and-slow; turn frequently.

anyhow the thigh was also served
without any spices (i only lied
about the oil). it was much better
than the drumstick. which, as one
might easily have guessed, tasted
rather of vegetable oil.

next up, i suppose, is breaded-and-fried.
probably with some pre-mix seasoning…

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vlorbik’s kitchen-sink stirfry

Posted by vlorbik on January 11, 2013

leftover chickenleg, one pre-boned (see below)
mixed frozen veggies (bottom of one bag)
white onion, maybe about a sixth
green pepper, one-fourth
pre-cut carrot slices, oh, half-a-dozen or so
celery, one stalk
garlic, one fingertip-size clove
baconfat, rather a lot
butter, good size hunk
packs of ramen with powder gone, two
soy sauce, some
store-bought italian dressing, just a bit
pepper, fresh ground, to taste

do the ramen in the microwave till
most of it’s begun to get soft.
try 2-2-2; still a little too hard.
put it back for about 5-5. about right.

meanwhile heat up the pigfat
in the cast-iron skillet and
some of the butter in the big
steel pan.

dice up the onion & do it in the butter.

when the lard is hot, take the hard stuff
out and chew a piece; drop the rest in
the grossout glass drippings-jar (and
re-cover quick). add the ramen & some
soy sauce. stir.

try some onion. good enough.
into the big pan with it. stir.
now do the carrots. don’t get ’em
too soft! the garlic has to be cut
up into tiny little bits. indeed,
it first must be *peeled*, so this
“fresh garlic” thing is pretty
labor-intensive (there’s powdered
on the shelf). anyhow, into the
butter with till it starts to soften
up a little; then the main pan. stir.

the pepper and celery don’t require
any steel-pan time at all; chop ’em
up and put ’em in the main pan. stir.
maybe there’ll be some more soy
right in here. stir.

last of all, go for the frozen stuff.
intending to use only frozen *peas*,
notice that there’s some forlorn-looking
*mixed* frozen veggies in the bottom
of a bag at the back of the freezer.
rather more than anticipated.

use it all anyway: more butter in the pan.
when they start to warm up, add in the dressing.

meanwhile, cut up *all* the chicken meat
(instead of leaving enough for a sandwich
as originally planned). into the big pan.

somewhere in there, the pepper.
along the way, one is of course
stirring, stirring, stirring.
over mostly-pretty-low heat.

scoop out into big glass bowl and
refrigerate. serves two hungry
movie-viewers hours later after


Madeline’s Killer Baked Chicken Legs
(With Inspired Leftovers Sauce)

Drumstick-&-Thigh cuts, thawed (2)
Leftover canned Tomato (~1/2 can)
Leftover convenience-store Salsa (~1/4 jar)
Brown Rice (2 servings)

Cook the rice appropriately. Boil it for quite a while and drain, as I imagine. But I don’t vouch for this step. The last time I made rice, I broke off a piece of a tooth.

Meanwhile, lay the chicken in a squarish glass brownie dish and cover it with all the leftovers. Heat up the oven to some appropriate setting and shove in there till it’s done.

Summon Owen into the kitchen and have him bone the chicken and bring a couple dishes into the TV room. As usual, he’ll eat his way through this procedure, separating out the big meaty pieces of one of the legs for cutting up and stirring into the saucy rice, all the while consuming whatever bits can’t be separated neatly from the bone or appear to have too much cartilege to serve. Also parts of the skin. Also those tasty little organs next to the spine.

The other leg should be set aside and the whole boning procedure repeated hours later.

Serves two, with an entire chickenleg left over.

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