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Cagle’s Panorama

Posted by vlorbik on January 29, 2010

donna robinson’s got the original art evidently. ~1994 iirc.

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Posted by vlorbik on January 28, 2010

wasserman on zinn in th’ free press (columbus).
book announcement by john “many things at once” spencer.

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Posted by vlorbik on January 27, 2010

horizon 2010 mostly wrong per s. dorn.

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Photo 96

Posted by vlorbik on January 27, 2010

zines made on madeline’s printer/scanner. all i can do with this box so far *is* make copies. still it’s a milestone. while you’re up get me a grant.

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feuilletonist makes good

Posted by vlorbik on January 26, 2010

mclemee cracks bookforum: review of a society adrift. a wince from scott.

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Photo 76

Posted by vlorbik on January 26, 2010

Photo 76

Originally uploaded by vlorbik

some day all this pointing and clicking will end.

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Posted by vlorbik on January 26, 2010

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

And this is a comment added by me, OT… slowly working stuff out as usual. “Posted by Vlorbik” is a lie; I speak for Vlorbik and tell you for sure Vlorbik never saw this post until after it first posted. When the robots speak in your name, watch out.

Back at Bigstate Community College when I taught there, they’d send these letters out to the students that we reported for not having kept up midsemester: “shape up or fail out” wakeup-call kinda stuff. All well and good but it offended me that it would go out over my sig and was abominably written. This is only one reason I quit ratting out students but it was a big one. Don’t try this at home.

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old man how you tarry

Posted by vlorbik on January 26, 2010


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if bloor street could talk

Posted by vlorbik on January 25, 2010

book launch by the edu-factory collective.

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zot’s corporate personhood links

Posted by vlorbik on January 24, 2010

in the comments.

Candidate Barack Obama was one sharp speaker, but he would not have been heard, and certainly would not have won, without the astonishing outpouring of donations from two million Americans. It was an unprecedented uprising-by-PayPal, overwhelming the old fat-cat sources of funding.

Well, kiss that small-donor revolution goodbye.

–g. palast

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