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tomorrow’s BLT tonight

Posted by vlorbik on May 20, 2015

Photo on 5-19-15 at 11.41 PM
chicken-skin-cracklin’ on the side.
if it works. (who cares.) TV…
(or not TV)… streaming… or DVD
… or whathaveyou (and who can keep
track these days?… and why *try*?)
home with madeline. love each other
until you explode or answer to me.

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phrasing, boom.

Posted by vlorbik on May 7, 2015

Photo on 1-10-15 at 4.31 PM #2

all other forms of endeavor
shrink into insignificance.

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eggs and b, hold the eggs

Posted by vlorbik on May 4, 2015

Photo on 5-4-15 at 1.21 PM

indeed, hold the toast. and by “hold it”
i mean “eat it for yourself and serve
the rest”. so madeline got homefries
and b (taters, onion, package-taco-sea-
soning; b obviously), whereas i had a
little of each plus a fried-egg sand
(eggs fried in baconfat, buttered toast,

the shot with lots of glass is “before”;
the other is “during”. and shows off my
“put little projects on flat surfaces
to be moved around the working area”
technique at work. and half an egg sand.
and some dirty dishes. the taters are
still in the pan.

Photo on 5-4-15 at 1.45 PM
i do the “surfaces” thing more generally
around the library but don’t have a shot
prepared. watch this space.

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gainfully unemployed

Posted by vlorbik on May 2, 2015

Photo on 5-2-15 at 2.32 PM

pancakes today (from a box;
add milk & egg; grill in a
buttered pan; serve with
maple syrup & butter).
bacon. ice tea (real;
she) & coffee (instant;
me), milked & sugared.
that’s it so far but some-
how there are a bunch of
*dishes* from other feedings.
also i colored in this sketch
(“desargues’ 2-triangle theorem“)
from one of my old “moleskin”
pocket notebooks. and scribbled
a remark about something i hadn’t
noticed before (one can “collapse
a [primary colored] triangle onto”
the [secondary-colored] “line at
infinity” to get a “fano diagram”
[aka “rainbow space”]). no, wait.
i lied. i also had some mozzarella.
grated-in-the-pack convenience store
brand, right out of the package like
the barbarian i am. we go through
quite a lot of cheese. in part
because it’s one of the few “real
food” items to be *found* at the
convenience. so-called.
Photo on 5-2-15 at 10.44 AM

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workers of the world, untie

Posted by vlorbik on May 1, 2015

Photo on 5-1-15 at 11.52 AM

i’ve been posting a lot
over at Virtual MEdZ.
but nothing much here.
the cooking continues though
if not the cooking *show*.

today’s my last day of work this semester
at th’ Bigstate U.. but, as the MEdZ activity
suggests, i might go on doing some mathy stuff
anyway. & *maybe* some eps of the cooking show.

happy labor day.

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