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from the archives: mc-garry’s cooking show (~1976)

Posted by vlorbik on August 20, 2013

1 you take 3 eggs beat them up real good

2 like this

1 yea, next add a little milk… about this much

2 why?

1 texture

2 oh…

1 now. let’s , let it sit for wile, wile we put the butter into our pan.

listen. very important. the pan can’t be too hot, ’bout medium heat

2 got it

1 put your butter in. about a table-spoon. let’s let that sit wile we chop up some chives.

2 i think we already had them chopped

1 oh…

2 yea, about a cups worth in that bowl

1 right. well, the butter is just about melted now. and we wate for-it-to-get-to-the-melting stage.


1 and the eggs?

2 in the pan
in a minet
got to wate for the eggs or rather butter to get to the “bubbling-stage.”

1 hurry. i’m real hungre.

2 yea. right. as soon as the butter passes through the bublling stage we pour in the eggs.

1 the eggs.

2 thankyou. pour in what you think is an egg and a half. this much, or so. and wate. that may be the scret of good cooking. take your time.

1 thats good advice

2 i live by that code

1 wow…

2 the next thing we watch is the edges of the omlet. thay will harden, or cook, and thats where we fold it. that’s got to be done
very gently.
take your time.
and do it gently.

1 more code?

2 yea.

1 the egg.

2 yes, of course. the edges have to be hard, but not burnt.
take your fork and slip it inbetween the egg and the pan. then simply flip it over. into a half circle.

1 what happens with the wine.

2 that’s the interesting part. wine alwas makes a dish interesting.

1 was that a pun?

2 spell it out for me.
take your lid … pour your wine in and quickly cover it.
take your time
do it gently and do it quitly

1 take your time & do it quickly

2 code gets complacated.
lift the lid and slide the omlett onto the plate.

1 we forgot the chives

2 your right

(signed) CH…S

(illegible… McGarry, his mark.
mine now since he rudely left it
in my notebook uninvited. trust
no one.)

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miracles of the web

Posted by vlorbik on July 27, 2011

i haven’t seen… or heard from…
bob shaffer since even before he
painted the cover for this issue of galaxy.
and of course it’s too common a name
to look for him in farcebook or its ilk.
anybody seen my old pal?

2015 edit:

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threehundredsixtyfive days

Posted by vlorbik on March 5, 2010

somewhere pretty close to
365*24 hours ago… one big ellipse
from what i’ve been given to understand…
i got this guitar
and posted about it.
just recently i named “her”: “woody”
(like i told androo… “… because
someday i hope to kill a fascist
with it”); up until a couple weeks
ago i just called it “the new one”
(or “the yamaha”). i’ve been playing
the heck out of it… and “the old one” too
(aka “the moonbox” aka “the applause”).

if i’m as much better next year
compared to what i am now as
i *am* better now compared to
whatever it was, a year *ago*…
what i was *then*…
why then, i’ll blow the roof off.
meanwhile i’ve just never been
so good in my life and by golly
it’s exhilarating. my buddy “henry”…
another fiftysomething, let me insert…
that i see all too seldom came around
from up mansfield way and we had
much the best jam session i’ve ever
participated in (as to, i guess,
“musicianship”… i’ll have been in
others just as fun to’ve *played* in).
he’s all “hey this hurts”.
me just laughing.
(“of course! ain’t it *great*?
my hands are at least a little
bit sore *all the time* these days!
they hurt *dreadfully* sometimes
when i’m playing! this is what
makes all those *lesser* players
*quit*! not you and me!” all up
there somewhere *in* the laugh.)
you’ve got to suffer if
you wanna sing the blues.

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beloved stranger

Posted by vlorbik on February 8, 2010

flo mc garrell memorial blog. andrew’s “in memoriam”.

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Cagle’s Panorama

Posted by vlorbik on January 29, 2010

donna robinson’s got the original art evidently. ~1994 iirc.

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the man went to earth and looked again

Posted by vlorbik on December 31, 2009

madeline made bread.

there’s nothing in the world
like fresh bread. mmm-mm!
i was barely in the kitchen at all
for the whole process but from
time to time various thoughts
about fresh bread drifted around
through my considering-apparatus.
dominant among them dorothy stewart’s
brown county loaves. dorothy was
a dear friend to our whole family.
she made much the most homemade
bread strictly-so-called that *i*’ve
ever had and boy it was good.
when i was little i wanted plain
old grocery store air bread but
i got over that. probably around
the time i found out i liked pizza.

anyhow when the loaves are cooled off
i bring one into the TV room along
with knives and butter. but first
of course… never mind the butter…
i break off a nice crusty piece
and have at. boom. i’m back just
like that in zagreb across from
the school where there was a little
shop where usually i’d get a
lollipopish thingie costing, like,
a couple dinars or something…
about a tenth of cent US at that
time… but would sometimes splurge
on a small loaf… or big roll…
tasting *just like this*
wonderful stuff right here.
and i’ve got impressions in here
of both buildings and the street
that separated ’em and the gravel
of the school courtyard and the night
jasna got knocked out cold on the gravel
somehow (and took quite a while to come around)
and of other more playground-like goings-on
in sight of that store (though nothing
much of its *inside* at all). mainly, though?
the taste of bread. just like back in zagreb.
gee it’s good.

now this is the strange part:
it wasn’t until *after* i’d started
drafting a blog post (still in
my considering-apparatus you
understand) that i thought
of proust. imagine that.

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guerrillas in our midst

Posted by vlorbik on December 7, 2009

new cagle drawing in f’book.
bob samuels on u. cali in ihe.

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family stuff… what’s next, cats?

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2009

mike cagle showed up in f’book recently. here’s sleepy cat studio (monique) and zenmomma (chantal) to prove it. my “friends” page is expanding rapidly… but it’s mostly math and zine people, most of whom i’ve never met in 3D, never mind feasted with on a thanksgiving day. boy this is great.

college occupations in croatia. also great.

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comics links belonging in comments to a previous post

Posted by vlorbik on November 15, 2009

uslan at IUdial b for blog

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all roads lead to shakespearefest

Posted by vlorbik on November 15, 2009

recently i’ve posted (what i’ve been calling)
rambles on foundational topics like
plugging without even chugging,
how to write cross-products,
and symbolic logic via ordered pairs.

sketches of lectures never to be given
as i now choose to think of ’em…
not that there’s anything wrong with
“rambles”. i’ll probably go right on
*calling* ’em that. just please don’t
think my actual *lectures* have ever
been so rambly. necessarily.

okay. what’s on my mind today.
about sets and algebra natch.
big picture. how big.
my life story. too big.
publishing and algebra.
and me. just right.
here goes. publishing first.
annus mirabilis:
(actually 68-69; one thinks
in academic years since before
the beginning.)
cops and kids fighting in the streets
and martin and bobby and all that, sure.
but for my purposes:
my beloved 6th-grade.
both my main teachers i loved.
pretty doggone undyingly as it turns out
though of mister ratts i think but seldom.
mary ann di baggio taught us math
and taught us well. *i* got a model
of “math teaching done right”.
also, though this had little to do
with miss di baggio directly…
her role was to provide access to equipment
and a receptive environment for us to
share our results in (no small thing
and indeed a very big thing and if
there were a heck of lot more of this
instead of a heck of lot less we wouldn’t
now be in a position of having to make
the events of 68 look like a party…
but i digress)… zines.
i did my first self-publishing
in di baggio’s class (with
andrew mcgarrell,
peter strickholm, and
tom hoffa (who appears
not to have a webpage):
twenty copies or so (at a guess)
of each of about four issues of GlOAT
(the lowercase L
is not a misprint). purple “spirit
master” one-side-to-a pagers. (dittos!)
i soon went on to do
(in “printings” of one;
i circulated these kid-by-kid
myself at school after drawing
’em at home) the _ten_page_news_.
i revived the title years later,
beginning just before the zine boom
(before hypertext… so called e-zines
[and blogs and such]… captured those
easily lured by the easier softer way
of the dark side [including me alas]).
anyhow you get the idea: self-publishing
goes way back for me. i soon began doing
a zine *about* zines: _indy_unleashed_.
in this TPN piece from 1998, i claimed
that “the ten page news is most
of my social life”… showing that
my interest in self-publishing
also goes way deep.
hypertext was a natural for me;
indeed mike cagle (linked-in profile) had given me
a copy of ted nelson’s
(seminal, self-published)
almost twenty years before the web
broke big (with graphical browsers).
i’ve recently rambled on this part
of my publishing autobiography already
(in my “about” page; not
necessarily a good place for it).
so. turning to algebra.
i majored in algebra in the sense
that i wrote my doctoral dissertation on it. so i trained
as a professor. and was one briefly.
and felt (and still feel) that it was
work i was “born to do”. but i soon
lost my professional rank and title.
after a year of death throes in the form
of never-even-an-interview applications
all over the country i quit trying and
worked freelance from then—1996—
till the day before yesterday. spring quarter.
as a teacher and tutor. and… ta-dah!
published _vlorbik_on_math_ed_
until the efforts to write up algebra
in blog format finally snapped
my patience
(and i quit
blogging for five hot minutes).
part of the point of the turn-of-century
_ten_page_news_ was to have some extra-academic
use for the typesetting system…
i’d learned for writing up my thesis
and gone on to write exams and quizzes in.
as well as a set of lecture notes.
source files now lost. also for that
matter part of the point of _VME_ itself
was *also* to work with TeX.
it was harder than i thought it would be.
anyhow now i’m at it again.
wordpress i’ve only learned to do
little things on. and those badly.
but i’ve got a copy of the real now
on Legion (and it isn’t even bootlegged!).
leslie lamport claims that things
have stabilized recently qnd i’m
inclined to trust him even though
he evidently works for microsloth.
so far so good. i’m producing
pretty pages with unfamiliar ease. but i
can’t yet put .pdf’s online for all to see just now.
which is sort of strange. looks like google
had a page you could do it with easily.
for about a day. but this is conjecture.
by the time i got there they’d quit
taking on new users. some experimental deal.
all for this morning. what’s to eat?

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