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emporium of the weird

Posted by vlorbik on May 5, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-05 at 17.30

Photo on 2014-05-05 at 17.32

“photo booth” is all blurry today for
some reason. pay it no mind. madeline’s
really outdone herself today with two
never-done-here-before dishes on the day:
(1) lemon-seasoned potatoes with grilled
ham (you can see the square pan with the
“grill lines” here) & texas-toast style
bread at breakfast and (2) cinco de mayo
churros (some sort of dough-fried-in-vege-
table-oil thing, rolled in cinnamon-sugar)
just now (around siesta time). wow.

and another shot of The Luxurious.
“russian” stuff mostly
(history, language, & lit).
you’d be able to see this
for yourself on a good
photobooth day.

saturday. akron, ohio.
say hi if you see me.

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… and *many* dollars short

Posted by vlorbik on April 3, 2012

yesterday was evidently th’ day of higher ed
(lee bessette in ihe).

me? long bus-ride to campus, lunch at bernies,
surprisingly tiring walk to the department
(i’m still recovering from the crud… hell,
i’ve still *got* the crud… but maybe mostly
recovering from the recovery: during break
i lay in bed hacking and sniffling quite a bit
and did *very* little walking),
check both mailboxes (both empty [dammit]),
drop by offices of two of the lecturers
i’m grading for (both elsewhere; both also
unmet by me and no particular arrangements
made yet for this quarter; one of ’em has
an office *hour* posted for tomorrow, so
probably this’ll be cleared up by about
11:00 AM wednesday in that case; the other
has none posted &’ll maybe have to be reached
by e-mail); go to *third* lecturers office
(during a posted office hour) and find him
there; collect two envelopes full of week-one
homework from him; walk back to bernie’s;
one more drink; long bus-ride home.

actual grading will begin within hours.
but, to paraphrase that great
abuser-of-alienated-labor, scarlett
o’hara: today is another day.

(this is in no realistic sense a *typical*
day of the quarter… which’ll very likely
be quite a bit like *last* quarter: several
days a week with several hours of grading each
[along with, yes, lots of those long bus-
-rides]). thank you and good day.

hat-tip: sherman dorn.

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Posted by vlorbik on December 22, 2009

math teachers run amok at sue v’s.
just kidding. sorry. (MT@P #21)

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go to

Posted by vlorbik on December 13, 2009

uniform probability on infinite spaces considered harmful.
a good enough schematic of school “reforms”.
carnival of mathematics #60.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 20, 2009

M. Doyle on STEM.
MT@P #20. the failblog version.
Bloomington Handmade Market: Saturday.
Bribe to the flop.

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What Can I Say. I’ve Been Away. I Haven’t Been Well.

Posted by vlorbik on November 19, 2009

Carnival of Mathematics #59 was posted almost two weeks ago.

i’m cited several times in this
.pdf of C. Wells’s Handbook.
albeit for online discussions that i have
no record… and only spotty memories…
of. this pleases me mightily. i’m going
back right now in fact.

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“demand an overturning of this vicious policy”

Posted by vlorbik on October 31, 2009

demonstration in rochester (10/7/09).
watch this please. the kids are alright.

you only have to watch this one
if you’ve somehow never heard tracy chapman
talkin bout a revolution.
but it’s worth repeating. as often as necessary.

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what others call a play you call a work

Posted by vlorbik on October 31, 2009

math teachers at play number… um…

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It Looked Like Forever

Posted by vlorbik on October 6, 2009

Math Teachers at Play #16 at Mr. D.‘s.
Marc (How It Works) Bousquet interviewed on video; his blog.
A meta-review for Logicomix by Rod Carvahlo.
Late to the Carnival: Carnival of Mathematics #58 at Walking Randomly.

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Now With Spammy Cruft

Posted by vlorbik on September 21, 2009

MT@P #15 at Maria D’s 2.0 wiki.

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