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Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2009

you can buy my numbers, sets, and logic notes
as a .PDF download for five bucks.
i get three seventyfive.
then you print it out on your own equipment
at your own expense. it’s got a few scribbles
on it by me from when i used the copy i zapped
as lecture notes literally and it breaks off
in the middle before you get to the best part.
so it’s hardly ready for public consumption at all.
still at the price of an elaborate greeting card,
these’ll make great gifts for everyone
on your list especially me. be advised
that in my holiday exuberance you can
also read it for free.
when the beta version rolls out
this feature will be cut. probably
i’ll deny i ever did it too.
something comes over people
when they start selling and i
don’t see why i should be an exception.

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family stuff… what’s next, cats?

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2009

mike cagle showed up in f’book recently. here’s sleepy cat studio (monique) and zenmomma (chantal) to prove it. my “friends” page is expanding rapidly… but it’s mostly math and zine people, most of whom i’ve never met in 3D, never mind feasted with on a thanksgiving day. boy this is great.

college occupations in croatia. also great.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 26, 2009

s,n! is still at it. yay. self-reliance. nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles. peace peace when there is no peace.

the web has evidently killed my camera. trust no one. more light!

dan kennedy’s math ed stuff via JackieB.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 25, 2009

Local Bookstores, Social Hubs, and Mutualization (via JohnDCook in tw’r).

cartoonist captured on video.

dangle on airborne. those are some cool-lookin pill boxen. i was just at a drugstore. i recognized the style as his right away. evidently they’re pretty popular; there’s a store-brand knockoff.

samjshah’s genesis. any math teacher here not having read this: go at once.

in these times on fred hampton.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 24, 2009

marc on book yr own f’in life.
backing up in w’press.
bring the ruckus. dot org.
iww literature department.
infoshop library.
sumidiot’s phones post.

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2 Henry VI, IV.vii

Posted by vlorbik on November 24, 2009

everybody always cites, the first thing
we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
but the scariest thing in cade’s rebellion
as presented in shakespeare for me is
“burn all the records of the realm.
my mouth shall be the parliament
of england.”.

because, like i keep tellin ya.
it’s a hardcopy holocaust out there
what with everything being turned into
bits and pulp and landfill.
libraries closing or turning into
data processing stations.
entire university departments…
life support systems for libraries…
being sent to retraining by
human resources zombies with
really good benefits packages.
shred your records at the earliest
opportunity was the law of the land
where *i* was last employed
and i don’t think it’s unusual.
cf whatever rant i posted a while
back about paper bank checks disappearing.

this is how “populist” dictators win.
democratic kampuchea probably the
textbook case of “purge the intellectuals”
but they all do it. it’s farenheit 451
all around us every day so dig it please
and hoard whatever books you think
anybody might want to get a look at later.

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Unsolicited Testimonial

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2009

James Allen’s ScribTeX just… works. You shove in TeX code and click and out pops a webpage with your typeset pages.

Probably I’ll be moving the math stuff back to Vlorbik On Math Ed. Now that I know how to… you know… post math on the web and all. Geez.

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It’s Been Too Long Since We Took The Time

Posted by vlorbik on November 22, 2009

This just uploaded PDF is the end of my decade-spanning quest for a procedure for putting pages, written and typeset by me on my own computers, onto the web with my own computer. The tables are very ugly. This is because I had to kluge ’em together by hand with no prior knowledge of how it’s really done, just to get something on the page. I was using plain TeX. It appears that LaTeX will have solved many of my problems. So I’ll have to learn the new ways and redo all my tables to reuse the files for my lecture notes from Dominican.

Meanwhile, I’ll experiment with TeX right here in the blog.
3 \otimes_7 4 \equiv_7 5.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 21, 2009

my old lecture notes appear still to be online somehow.
on the barricades at ucla.

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Posted by vlorbik on November 20, 2009

M. Doyle on STEM.
MT@P #20. the failblog version.
Bloomington Handmade Market: Saturday.
Bribe to the flop.

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