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each slice a meal in itself

Posted by vlorbik on November 17, 2014

Photo on 11-12-14 at 5.11 PM

madeline’s baconated beer bread. there’s still a little left.
here today, gone tomorrow. i served the next-to-last of it
today with a tossed salad (lettuce, much tomato, grated carrot,
tri-color greenpepper, grated cheese, raspberry-vinegrette)
and soup (canned cream-of-celery, fresh celery fried in
baconfat, four colors of greenpepper ditto, leftover steak
cut up fine, baconbits). later there was a BLT. meanwhile
a few more utensils and dishes have found appropriate places
to spend their waiting-to-be-used time in. we live good.
for extra decadence, dip the beerbread in Ranch. yum.

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a return to normalcy

Posted by vlorbik on September 24, 2014

Photo on 9-24-14 at 3.25 PM

BLT on grilled french-bread.
side dish: baconbits in leftover
baked-beans, microwaved to get
the refrigerator chill off.
ice tea.

bits of pieces of all the ingredients
(darn well including the mayo). one
egg, fried. my french-bread wasn’t
toasted. some of it *was* buttered.
instant coffee. powder-mix lemonade.

and a few days worth of cleaning up.
mostly done now.

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tomorrow’s bacon tidbits tonight

Posted by vlorbik on September 7, 2014

Photo on 9-6-14 at 9.25 PM

meanwhile madeline made a big pot
of lentil soup; you can see the ladle
here but the pot & lid have been put
away already. and so too has the soup:
two soupcups worth eaten and the rest
in a lidded mixingbowl in the fridge.
bring on some eps of _elementary_ and
call it a night, say i. oh, yeah.

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Posted by vlorbik on July 19, 2014


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Posted by vlorbik on July 13, 2014

happy anniversary, baby.
best ten years of my life
as a grownup. here’s the
OT+ML file for the
blog-so-far. thanks for
having me in your life.
thanks for being my
system administrator.
& for being in my cooking show.
& for letting me hang on. & for…

let’s go to church
and love our neighbors.
then home. “home.” wow.
(my love.)

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technical difficulties

Posted by vlorbik on April 25, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-25 at 09.43Photo on 2014-04-25 at 09.41

i’ve put away dishes this morning…
so the drying rack is empty (as you
can see). the rinsed-and-ready file
on the RHS (= “right-hand side”) of
the sink isn’t at all close to full,
so i won’t be running hot water before
breakfast. that four-slice toaster’s
a gem (one can serve two sandwiches
at once on very freshly toasted bread).
the enormous punchbowl recently held
corn chips (tostito’s original restaurant
style from the “party size” bag; the second
such bowlful from that bag, leaving enough
chips for one more suchlike serves-two
serving; last night’s batch we had with
sour cream and from-a-jar salsa [also
“tostito’s”). before that, chickenwing-&-
-baconbit salad (romaine hearts, half
a tomato, grated carrot, chopped celery,
grated swiss, bottled “garlic expressions”
dressing; serve with ritz crackers. watch
an ep of _columbo_. rub her feet.
[how to derive maximum enjoy-
ment from crackers.]

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always halfway there

Posted by vlorbik on April 17, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 15.08

between yesterday’s quiche…

finished during this afternoon’s
movie (_nebraska_; thumb up).
madeline made it not i, but the
“secret” this time around is
“lots of sausage & a little
green pepper”. gee it was good.

and tonight’s “perfect lemon bars”…

madeline’s about to make *those*
(from some printed-out recipe…
no secret here: fresh lemons
will be the reason *this* stuff
rocks (as it almost inevitably
will). what they call “lemon
zest” is evidently what the world
calls lemon *rind*. i quit read-
ing the recipe (it’s lying nearby
next to the bowl of lemons)
right there, so i can’t tell you
any more about *that*.

i’ll’ve finished up some leftover dishes;
you can see ’em here freshly rinsed
from the almost-used-up soapy water
that’s now most recently gone down
the left-hand drain. also i’l’ve had
the usual two or three cups of coffee;
also some lemonade (both all-natural and
“streched” with powder-mix ‘nade…
all “beverage committee” stuff and so
all mixed up by me). half-and-half
in the coffee, praise gaia.

the quiche, we had the last two-
-sixths of, zapped and served on sidedish
plates, with a nice thick tomato slice on
top, and a little puddle of greek seasoning
on the side (of the plate itself… not,
for pity sake, in some crazy “saltcellar”
or anything).

and that’s about it. some salsa-and-ranch
two-dip blend drying out by the sink from last
night’s cornchip orgy while i was bussing-
-and-rinsing. right out of the jar with
a spoon, if you must know.

so now the whole right-hand “rinsed-
-&-ready” shelf is covered in the
glass stuff. and the mad one’s in
the kitchen cooking us a tasty desert.
and my whole grading stack… no, i tell
a lie… all of the grading except for
a couple of “late” papers that i’ll
probably want to *age* a little longer
anyhow… is done, a day early
(tomorrow i’ll drop it all off and
pick up what promises to be a pretty
horrific load for the weekend). so
i’m having a pretty high old time here
blogging away in our happy home, again
today. back to _introductory_combinatorics_
(kenneth p. bogart) (i post-blogged about
a passage earlier today. i wish
this thing had fallen into my hands
thirty years ago when it was new to the
world [and i was new to serious “counting”]).
but not *really*. right now is also
a very good time.

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peace and prosperity again today. wow.

Posted by vlorbik on April 15, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-15 at 13.45

this must be the second-most
beautiful thing in our happy
home full of many beautiful
things: plenty of good stuff
to eat. madeline just got back
from shopping & i’ve just finished
unloading. behold. coming soon:
more newly-washed dishes. thanks
be to universe.

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madeline’s deluxe beer bread (with bacon & cheese). dipped in ranch. amazing.

Posted by vlorbik on March 18, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-18 at 12.07

my good right hand is somewhat beat up from lots
of guitar playing yesterday. i am content that
i have done right.

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still life with quiche pan

Posted by vlorbik on March 9, 2014

madeline made us a great breakfast;
hence the pie-plate thingum here
in the first part of today’s dish load.
the glass stuff is over on the other
side of the sink waiting for fresh
soapy water so it’ll shine its brightest.
i may or may not get to it tonight;
may or may not post a shot of it here.
the net ate the first version of this.

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