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“what’s vlorbik *on*?”…”wordpress-dot-com!”

Posted by vlorbik on August 24, 2011

in today’s edition of “too much time
on the net”, we have bousquet’s
piece on student guestworkers
(after a month’s absence) and this
announcement for independents’ day
(9/17 in downtown columbus).

okay. i’m gonna wash the dishes now
and make some lunch or something. geez.

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… if there *were* any…

Posted by vlorbik on March 24, 2011

“why teachers like me support unions”: JD on EduSolidarity.
my post appeared next door.
f(t)‘s picks. so far.
*my* pick? kate’s best and brightest. isn’t she great?

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a mouse has cut the wire. goodbye.

Posted by vlorbik on January 9, 2011

tweets from the MLA counter-conference (“the future of the university”) at the new faculty majority.

v. vaile’s adjunct blogs list.

OSU GESO has an event this week.

academic labor and the new paradigm of class politics (joshua kurz).

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bousquet on berry

Posted by vlorbik on May 7, 2010

back to the bay area for great midwest academic labor activist.

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Posted by vlorbik on April 27, 2010

first monthly newsletter for NFM
(“new faculty majority”: national coalition for adjunct and contingent faculty).

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some of sandy baringer’s books

Posted by vlorbik on March 10, 2010

(and her cocal iv profile). from CPFA news.

Contingent Labor: A Bibliography

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yet another crosspost: from adj-l

Posted by vlorbik on March 9, 2010

we got $40 a “contact hour” for classroom work
where i last was… and $20/hour for the one-on-one
“learning center” tutoring.

i was getting by at that campus at something around
20 grand a year (give or take) for the last few years.
this is summers-in, natch… never turning anything down…
back before i became a pariah (for living too long
from all i can tell, since i was always on time
with the grades and was generally quite popular
with students and so on), i’d adjuncted around here
at as many as three schools at a time
(big state u, church-affiliated little u.,
and bigstate community college) and been
pretty comfortable by my standards at it
financially (and proud of carrying a
9-course workload… once). but i forget
the actual figures and have very likely
destroyed the records.

this is ohio by the way.
state of weird legislation
exempting its adjuncts
from respect from its
labor relations board.
(4117 if memory serves;
our failed drive at
bigstate cc was the
best financial year
of my life since i worked
halftime for the international
as an organizer while teaching,
at the usual ~20K, across
the street. woulda been
great if we’d known what
we were doing [and hadn’t
made our move too soon…
i think i’ll have said something
about that already]).

much of the “real” pay of course…
organizing or teaching…
is the people you work with
along the way.

i had an amazing run from that point of view.
almost a quarter-century of saying true things
as clearly as i knew how, for pay… and talking
to students and teachers “along the way” about
math, the universe, and everything.

from a dollars-and-cents angle?
down so long the crash looked like up.
anyhow now that *everybody’s*
out of work, i look like less of a loser.
sometimes. a little bit. from far away.
if you’re not looking. maybe.

i got my ph.d. in ’92 if that’s of any interest;
four years in the minor leagues after that
(a *different* church-affiliated college [now
styling itself a “university”, to absurdly
little ridicule]). adjuncting after that.

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like priests or children

Posted by vlorbik on February 17, 2010

john emerson on les érudits maudit.

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forced to participate in the games of life

Posted by vlorbik on February 12, 2010

paul porter and sarah layden recently announced a project called the new adjunct.

this is by no means an endorsement; it looks like more
of the adjunct advocate‘s “embrace our doom”
i-for-one-welcome-our-robot-overlords kowtowing.
at a glance. just, you know, a potentially interesting development.

i’ve had the devil’s own time getting this post up.
it’s gone through several rewrites. none of ’em long.
i just kept screwing up the links and making a mess.
in a highly unusual development, i’m reasonably sure
that the whole thing was entirely my fault.

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see also: inside higher ed

Posted by vlorbik on February 8, 2010

chronicle coverage for CAW (coalition on the academic workforce).

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