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resurrection blues

Posted by vlorbik on May 13, 2016

Photo on 5-13-16 at 10.20 AM

vlorbik’s diner. some new “verse” in the sidebar.
wretched interface. testing, one, two.


2 Responses to “resurrection blues”

  1. vlorbik said


    >No verb needed. English better without redundant is.
    good point. short-short by me:

    From The Ten Page News #22.
    Crazy, Not Stupid: In The 7-Eleven

    Crazy, not stupid: knowledge easy — behavior hard. In the 7-Eleven. Pleasant.
    Very colorful. Candy, cookies, cupcakes. Not hungry; not enough money.
    Magazines: pretty people. Words words words. Big short words, little long
    words. “How beautiful if only one could not read!” — who? Could, should,
    would. Dould. No good. Trinkets, supplies: car, office. Sold out.
    Refrigerators. Loud, leaking. Drink Coke. Sugar, caffeine: bad. Sugarfree
    worse. Kidneys. Worse kidneys: badder bladder. Sadder. More cookies. Peanut
    butter. No. More refrigerators. Stainless steel. Little reflections.
    Fingerprints. Burritos, milk, expiration date. Rotate your stock. Rotate your
    tires. Clean your room. Drink Coke. Take the Pepsi challenge. Just do it. Do
    this do that. Deep do-do. Lies: no verbs, only events. Beer beer beer.
    Microwave oven. Chips chips chips. Coffee. Sixty-nine cents: thirty-one cents
    change. Quarter, nickel, penny. Dirty brown: honest Abe. Too wide awake
    already. Too highly visible. No choice now. Some other time. Too much money.
    Burnt smell. Styro cups. Squeaky clean. Careful: hot. Lids way over there:
    stupid, not crazy. Woman at register! Tight shorts: little round butt. Long
    hair on bare shoulders: halter top. Never never never. Lottery tickets. Nearly
    done. No winners. “Okay, well, have a good one.” “Thanks, you too.” Not
    from around here: unusual accent. Coin purse on floor! Hers? Now! Now! Excuse
    me, Ma’am, I believe you dropped . . . no . . . Yo! Lady! . . . no . . . Hey,
    Baby, don’t you want your change? . . . lies!. . . too late. Gone. Back to
    coffee machine. More sugar. Something. Stupid. Stupid.

    ob hat-tip: hofstadter

  2. vlorbik said

    Towards a Theory of Epistemically Significant Perception: How We …
    Nadja El Kassar – 2015 – ‎Philosophy
    (How much more beautiful they would be, G.K. Chesterton once remarked, if only one could not read!)” (Kenny , p. ) in: (Glock , p. ).

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