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nothing else’ll get you there like speed’ll

Posted by vlorbik on June 21, 2016

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if it’s “gold’ll buy more friends
than chicken-feed’ll”,
it might as well be “tweedle-
but if it’s “grains’ll feed a
lot more folks than meat’ll”,
or, “camels can’t pass through
a sewing needle”,
they’ll treat you like you shot
their favorite beatle.
oh, tweedle-dee, dl-dee,

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along came a cider who sat down beside her

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2014

Photo on 10-28-14 at 3.46 AM

“poetry reading” day at church last week. betty started off with th’ goddamn _highwayman_. (it’s long as hell.) after that, much better. quiet john stole the show. but i was also pretty good. fifty-cent tip.

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Posted by vlorbik on July 7, 2014

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four 4’s

one song, two chords
three frets, four verses

one people, two jews
three opinions, four gospels

one planet, two choices
three directions, four dimensions

one god, two religions
three idols, four horsemen

(revision of 5:04p; posted
here first.)

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sweet tourista

Posted by vlorbik on June 17, 2014

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though, you, know
they’ll scorn your horn,
you’ve got to blow one…
trust no one. trust no one.
you’d better make a fake
in case you have to show one…
trust no one.
(repeat; guitar solo; repeat)
and if you need a crop of weed
you’d better grow one…
trust no one, trust no one.
trust no one. trust no one.

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Clerihews for Athaliah (crosspost)

Posted by vlorbik on August 19, 2013

King Hazael
Was simply vile.
He got everything he had
By murdering Ben-hadad.

The prophet Micaiah
Was a great soothsayer.
All of the others had a lying spirit.
But Ahab didn’t want to hear it.

Was a yahoo.
What he did to those priests
Shouldn’t happen to beasts.

King Ahaziah
Was certainly no messiah.
He fell through a lattice. Splat!
He never recovered. That is that.

Elijah the Tishbite
Knew where the fish bite.
He was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire
Or Second Kings 2 was written by a liar.

(also found here
but i’ve lost control of that site.
originally published ~1997 in the
_ten_page_news_. long live print.
death to the net and that right early.)

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TV Repairman (1983)

Posted by vlorbik on January 14, 2013

Well, I graduated high-school
In nineteen-seventy-three
And the job I got a the factory
Didn’t need no college degree.
I was makin’ pretty good money
Makin’ them color TV’s
Till they went a built a machine
That could do it better than me.

Well, momma didn’t raise up a fool
So I went and got myself
Right back in school.
I mighta been in a jam
But there’s nothin’ I can’t fix
I was a certified TV repairman
By nineteen-seventy-six.

Well, that was the very same year
The robot went to Mars
And meantime down on Earth
There were robots making cars
And nearly everything else
And I started wondering when
Another one o’ them robots
Would steal my job again.

And you may think that
Your future is secure
But if I were you
I wouldn’t be so sure.
No matter what you think
No matter what you do
There’s soon gonna be a machine
That can do it better than you.
And there’s nothing left
For you and me
But a whole lotta color TV.
A whole lotta color TV.

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The n-page News, RIP

Posted by vlorbik on October 13, 2012

I can’t post to this old webpage (not really a “blog” as such) anymore. I used to put lyrics there. Looks like I’ll be starting over with a new archive somewhere else.

I haven’t brought back Open A Vein… but neither have I done any of the redesign for the next blog that’ll go here. So here are some lyrics anyhow.

The world is ours
Not the presidents’
Of the corporations
For the one-percents
We all want freedom
Let’s go and get some
This world belongs to you and me

This world ain’t their world
This world is our world
And it’s a hot and cold world
A sweet and sour world
It’s the world we share, boy
Only one that’s there, girl
This world belongs to you and me

This world is our world
This world ain’t their world
Cause it’s a life-is-good world
Not an I-don’t-care world
And before we know, dear
We’ll have to leave here
But this world belongs to you and me

As I was working
With my friend Woody
He became immortal
And I asked how could he
His voice was ringin’
Said “keep on singin’ ”
This world belongs to you and me

(Singalong finish on Guthrie’s lyrics)

I world-premiered this version at Madeline’s church a few weeks back. The crowd sung along, too, by golly. It was great.

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like it’s twenty-eleven

Posted by vlorbik on March 11, 2010

Avatar’s Blues, Avatar’s Blues
I miss my 3D friends.
Avatar’s Blues, Avatar’s Blues
But the party never ends.
Every, body, knows
When you put your Face in a Book.
Every, body, knows
It ain’t how you really look.
You gotta get it up on the Net,
And data’s all you’re ever gonna get.
Avatar’s Blues, ain’t no one around.
Gonna party till the Net goes down.

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g-d save henry, sixth of that name

Posted by vlorbik on August 14, 2009

kingdoms are but cares,
state is devoid of stay,
riches are ready snares,
and hasten to decay.

pleasure is a privy prick
which vice doth still provoke;
pomp, imprompt; and fame, a flame;
power, a smouldering smoke.

who meaneth to remove the rock
out of the slimy mud,
shall mire himself and hardly scape
the swelling of the flood.

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