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cutting up chicken again

Posted by vlorbik on June 17, 2016

Photo on 6-17-16 at 12.28 PM

in the first panel, most of the big pieces
have been broken… or cut… off of the
central skeleton of the chicken (an enormous
factory-farm specimen). the breast not seen
here has been cut up and served, with rice
and the buttery sauce at the bottom of the
pan (madeline did everything up to putting
it in the oven and setting the timer; i did
all the cutting-up and dishing-out and so on).
there’s a bunch of skin… and bacon… in the
Photo on 6-17-16 at 1.08 PM

then, about to be covered up & put away, a dark-,
and a white-, meat bowl. the rice is invisible
behind ’em (and’ll be put away in another vessel).
there’s some done bacon and the wishbone (probably
too blurry to see) in one of those indispensable
plastic gizmen; this is a cheat in the sense that
i prepared it deliberately for the camera. really,
sure, i try to make it look good. but this is
supposed to be *without regard* to whether or not
i’m going to make a photo or post it at the diner.

then, the end. where wishes go to die.
Photo on 6-17-16 at 4.46 PM

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