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Posted by vlorbik on May 22, 2016

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.44 AM

the twenty-four heptagons can of course each be
“rotated” seven ways (in such a way that faces
are taken to faces… and so on [vertices to
vertices, squags to squags…]). hold on there.
what’s a squag, you say. well, a blend, a blur,
or the ideal.
anyhow, 24*7=168; these diagrams, then (were they
complete) would display (all of the) 168 ways to
“rearrange the colors” of MRBGPYO in such a way
that squags stay squags.

how do i turn off auto-“correct”?
it is impossible to work under these conditions.
when i say squag i mean squag and if the typer
won’t let me do it, we’re through.

Photo on 5-22-16 at 9.34 AM


One Response to “works in progress”

  1. vlorbik said

    i suppose that by “face”, i’ll’ve meant “edge”.

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