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Posted by vlorbik on July 7, 2014

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four 4’s

one song, two chords
three frets, four verses

one people, two jews
three opinions, four gospels

one planet, two choices
three directions, four dimensions

one god, two religions
three idols, four horsemen

(revision of 5:04p; posted
here first.)

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packet teriyaki noodles. add bacon. also fresh carrot, celery, and garlic. stir-fry.

Posted by vlorbik on March 15, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-14 at 20.38

mostly for madeline, if she wants it. i’ve been
eating the whole time, as usual. also there’s
plenty of leftovers. did i mention that i’m on
break? movie time!

why is PSL(2,7) isomorphic to GL(2,3)?

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bukowski never did this

Posted by vlorbik on January 7, 2010

yesterday i showed john-at-the-grill
a (lo-fi text-only pages-don’t-line-up)
zine pulled outta my hip pocket;
he’d asked after my career in
teaching in a what’s-up-with-
-your-classes way… he calls me
professor… i used to go in there
several times a week back around
’92 to ’96 when that title (but not
the attending *style* necessarily)
was indeed mine (after a fashion;
strictly speaking “assistant” not
“full” professor), when i could
*afford* to eat my breakfasts in
a diner most working days.

and, okay. because, if facebook and
twitter and that stuff, is any
kind of guide? everybody wants
to know what everybody else eats?
here it is.

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today’s morning ramble…

Posted by vlorbik on January 6, 2010

… as i noted already next door (this will take some getting used to) is here in “kitchen table math” (rearguard middle-class edwarriors). whatever (non-mathy) links i post today if any go below. of course i won’t habitually crosspost. loyal facebook readers are on their own for the MEZB (“mezz-bee”) stuff from now on.

the midwest school per huizenga and spiegelman.

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