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Posted by vlorbik on March 28, 2011

three blind mice, arranged for four-string guitar, uploaded minutes ago.

a while back i put up electric E blues, my first-ever recording on electric guitar. my *new* (new to me… used of course…) electric guitar (a steal at a hundred bucks), a hohner. only the second electric i’ve ever owned… and i barely ever played the first and sold it pretty quick (for the same price i paid, so i got its use for free). anyhow, i’m quite the beginner and loving it.

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… if there *were* any…

Posted by vlorbik on March 24, 2011

“why teachers like me support unions”: JD on EduSolidarity.
my post appeared next door.
f(t)‘s picks. so far.
*my* pick? kate’s best and brightest. isn’t she great?

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we are not data

Posted by vlorbik on March 9, 2011

consider “yin and yang”.
emphatically *not* “zero and one”
(except… maybe… just a *little* bit like).

is there *ever* an “always”?

for there to BE “always some
black in the white” (as the
standard yin-yang symbol seems…
on the standard interpretation…
to imply) already somehow implies
that we can (somehow) *distinguish*
“black” from “white”.

or this.
suppose “everything is shades of grey”.
consider *tendencies* then.
“getting darker”… “getting lighter”…:
aren’t these “directions” actually
*opposites*… & this in some “absolute” sense?
(“diametrical”… “one-hundred-eighty
degrees”… one could go on.)
or are there, after all, no *shades*?
wait… *none*? ever? always?

it looks like there can, um, “be”
no “polarity” without “poles”
(& you can’t say “everything
is relative” without saying

all this is perfectly well-known of course
and indeed altogether obvious. i don’t
deny that. you win. i didn’t come here
to argue.
the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

one of the many interesting things
that happens when you overdose
(on any of a pretty wide variety
of psychoactive substances)…
one of the things that *characterises*
“overdosing on a drug”…
is a very-convincing feeling
that now, at last, one has access
to some simple-yet-elusive truth
about the-way-things-are:
the “moment of clarity”.

simultaneously to experience (for example)
“mortal terror” and “full acceptance”…
well, people go an awful long way sometimes
(and i don’t *blame* ’em). never mind
the swinging-back-and-forth rapidly
(between shadows of suchlike feelings)
that makes ordinary experience
so *ordinary*… forget “philosophy”
and… for sure… forget a fist-fight…
but. dammit. right-here, right-now!
at long last (as always)!
i *get* it!

this matters a great deal!
this matters not-at-all!

losing my religion.
math… my religion…
has, in certain contexts,
sometimes dealt with some part of
the perennial philosophical question
i’ve been gesturing at
(more or less helplessly)
by replacing certain “sets” of “points”
–taken to be well-understood–
with new sets consisting
of (old) “ordinary” points
(taken from the well-understood set)
together with (new) “ideal” points
created on the spot to account for
what i’ve been calling “tendencies”
in the last few paragraphs.

so. what *if* the obviously-impossible
*were* possible? (while, somehow,
“logic” and even “rigor” had passed
through the upending-of-the-world
that would [“obviously”!] follow…
what *then*?)

sometimes whole new systems emerge, is what.
(& sometimes… usually… one soon arrives
at a complete logical dead-end;
back to common-sense then and no harm done.)

“all math-heads are platonists”
or so they say. (as if we
[who take symbolism seriously]
were *more* inclined to confuse
(I) our axioms-taken-without-question,
with (II) the very “laws of nature”,
than are the common-sense majority
[for whom the question simply
cannot even arise; “obviously”
(with or without invoking
“god’s will”) these (a-t-w-q
and “l’s of n”) are *one and
the same*]).
suppose you had some idea.

suppose your idea was
(i) important and
(ii) not already well-known.

well, then, my child, wow.
you’d’ve done what very few people do.

of course, *i* always knew you could
do it if that’s what you wanted to do.
but “wow” just the same (and i mean it).

now. get ready. shut up quick.
or spread it around if you must
but please let somebody else
take the blame.


you’re going to be punished, good and hard.

and not just until you give up. for *ever*.

new guitar track today.

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Posted by vlorbik on March 7, 2011

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