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[’56] + 56 = [’12]

Posted by vlorbik on December 21, 2012

happy birthday… birthweek… me.

a few days back… this week… whatever.

this’ll mark… what is obvious in
so-called “real time”… the latest
name-change. _open_a_vein_ was the
name of yet-another-blog from july ’09
until today. “owen’s cooking show”?
if you know a *better* name, GOTO it.

more will be revealed.
in plans begin disappointments.
“proverbs of hell”.

meanwhile, for all i know, all the action…
if any (effendi)… is over in, whatevah,


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i only feel this appalling sadness

Posted by vlorbik on August 21, 2012

bukowski on censorship.

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learned folly

Posted by vlorbik on February 3, 2012

shalizi on the elsevier boycott.

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more four-string guitar

Posted by vlorbik on May 25, 2011

new soundcloud upload: 3 bass hit (one treble).

with a quasi-standard tuning;
lower the 2, 3, and 4 strings
by an octave (as it were;
actually one substitutes
lower strings on the easy-
-to-reach part of the neck
usually used for higher ones
to get this effect); the result
is the “usual” fingerings apply
but they *sound* different
(and are harder to play; the
thickness of the strings
comes into play here).

i’ve had the three basses tuned
in true-usual tuning… so as to have
the E, A, and D strings acting as
themselves but easier to reach
because close to the highstring-side
of the neck. and then the high E, also tuned
as itself. probably three blind mice
was done in that tuning.

of course the electric’s got all six.

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sit in front of a microphone and open a vein

Posted by vlorbik on February 10, 2011

i’ve finally learned how to upload “garage band” tracks.
here’s my “soundcloud” page.

i’m posting a lot in MEZB, btw.
updates might get more frequent here but
don’t count on it. music stuff will probably
end up in the livingston review.

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don’t forget the motor city

Posted by vlorbik on May 26, 2010

“adjunct” faculty march at US social forum (detroit june 22). sponsored by AFT 477 (wayne state).

(allied media con)

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i will not surrender, and i await you here

Posted by vlorbik on December 4, 2009

academic issues from a very contrarian point of view monday (xero).
using a blog editor @ clarify me (claire thompson’s edublog).
seattle +10 by jen angel. next stop copenhagen.

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Unsolicited Testimonial

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2009

James Allen’s ScribTeX just… works. You shove in TeX code and click and out pops a webpage with your typeset pages.

Probably I’ll be moving the math stuff back to Vlorbik On Math Ed. Now that I know how to… you know… post math on the web and all. Geez.

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slings and arrows

Posted by vlorbik on November 18, 2009

EM versus Lefty Beals (of OILF).
Discipline issues at Mr. D’s.
Movie cliches debunked… in handwriting no less… at Mathspig.
Maria D. on the state of 2.0.
McLemee’s Palintology.
Ed Notes Online’s Math Wars Revisited.
Fanfic cited by J. Inner Swine Somers.

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