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the greatest thing

Posted by vlorbik on November 15, 2014

Photo on 11-12-14 at 9.35 AM

with the cutting board at 45^\circ
to the counter-corner one has much better access
and can stand in a more comfortable position.
it’s not so important for sliced bread but
now that i’ve found this out i’m getting
pretty good even on potatoes.

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mouse batteries low…

Posted by vlorbik on April 30, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-30 at 08.59

Photo on 2014-04-30 at 08.56

…so this post will be short.

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not since _4_strings_5_ways_…

Posted by vlorbik on April 27, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-27 at 18.02

Photo on 2014-04-27 at 09.30

new audio track today: two pair.
i *didn’t* play it backwards
(despite the photo). i *made*
a recording with this tuning
and the guitar reversed (as
shown here; i’m right-handed)
but, surprise, it stank. so
i decided not to publish. the
dots are a good idea for be-
ginners: the red & green dots
show the same major scale on
two (different pairs of)
adjacent strings. i can use
these to “fake it” pretty well
even *with* the guitar upside-
-down (as long as i stick to
playing “improvisations on
the major scale”… a favorite
piece to be sure, but not
exactly calculated to wow ’em).

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all three small glass mixing-bowls (first time ever)

Posted by vlorbik on April 5, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-05 at 10.34

from left to right (naming only
the glassware of the load at hand),
we have 1st sgmb, enormous punch bowl,
Lgmb, measuring-cup, 2nd sgmb, two
escalloped monkey dishes, 3rd sgmb,
big glass “milk” bottle. meanwhile,
i’ve had to move some stuff around
(in the “spice rack”, for example)
to accomodate all the new glass stuff.

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biscuits & sausage gravy. made from “scratch” (not by me, of course).

Posted by vlorbik on April 3, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-03 at 13.22

meanwhile, the bowl i busted a few days back
has already been replaced… contemporary times isn’t
*all* downhill since the robots seized power and if
you sign up for amazon’s premium delivery option,
you get pretty amazing service. but my *real*
unsolicited product endorsement is for the bowls
themselves: pyrex “smart essentials”. the lids
are here in the photo. we were already down to
only one bowl (& all three lids) from the old set.
so i had madeline to get *two*. all three small
bowls will probably now be in very regular use;
*maybe* i’ll keep it down to one each of the
other two for a while (they take up lots of space
and they’re, well, *fragile*)…

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did you see more glass?

Posted by vlorbik on March 9, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-09 at 14.35
bypassing flickr altogether.
here as indicated are glass items.
there’s a whole different load in
the drainer now on the same dirty
water from yesterday but these are
indeed the same items (plus maybe
a few more). there’s a photo but
it might not be worth uploading.

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the right tool for the job

Posted by vlorbik on January 13, 2013

(yet another all-the-arts-are-one-art post)

all the arts are one art… and here’s
how you do it: “look again. look closer.”

and whenever something goes *wrong*…
well, that’s a real good place to look.

be it a wrong note in a guitar solo,
a line mis-spoken (freud had much to
say on these), a wavering-of-the-line
where “drawing a straight line” was
the goal… in any of these cases
(or hundreds of others), the subject
having once *made* the mistake will then,
if the subject is any kind of *artist*
(with respect to the work-at-hand), seek
to *learn* from the mistake.

some mistakes are so god-awful that one
has no choice *but* to learn something:
the classic “hand on the hot stove” moment.
my most memorable such (as of right now)
was once when i was working in the commons
of the student union as a short-order cook,
and was talking to a fellow worker during a
lull in the action and let the fingers and
thumb of my left hand wander absent-mindedly
into the two slots of a toaster. then i rapidly
*removed* my hand before i even knew i’d
done it and carried on the conversation…
and had not a mark on me. never forgot it,
though. and no artistry involved.

but such *gross* mistakes typically have
only one lesson to teach: how to avoid
doing it again.

mistakes in speech and music and drawing
and whatnot, by contrast, can be *inspired*
mistakes that end up being the basis of, say,
a new *trick*. or even a new *technique*.

look again; look closer.

but, then. on the other hand.

grab your ax and wail your heart out *now*!
the audience doesn’t care how perfect your
doggone *technique* is, they just want to
be *entertained*!

so one is in the familiar position of a
“deep truth”: a thought whose *opposite*
is also a deep truth (it doesn’t take much
looking-again-closer in the philosophical
arena to encounter this “polarity” phenom-
enonon… humans appear to be paradoxical
*by nature* [or maybe it’s by *design*…]).

well. to everything there is a season.
except for when there isn’t.

and now i’ve nearly outranted my breakfast
time… and the glass is empty besides.

so one more paradox… or dichotomy or
polarity or whatever it is… that comes
up frequently for me is “get the right
tool for the job” versus “use the tools
at hand and *get ‘er done*”.

and *when* it comes up, i’m mostly very much
a “tools at hand” kinda guy.

but drinking glasses like the one in the photo…
one of a set my mother gave me over 20 years ago…
are very much the right tool for the job.

almost everyone else’s drinking glasses are
harder to wash. this bad baby right here
you can jam your whole hand in and scrub out
just like a plate or a bowl. also you can
pour twelve ounces of foamy liquid in without
fear of foaming the whole mess over.

madeline’s been coming up with *more* right tools
for the kitchen in recent months and it’s been
a blast. with a big sharp chef knife one can cut
rightly-so-called *chips* from a potato and they
fry up great. and steel pans are way better for
eggs than the spaceage-polymer-coated scratchy-
-finish jobs are. and on and on it goes.

but that’s it for today.

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tails should not wag dogs & books should not read humans

Posted by vlorbik on August 5, 2012

i quit facebook. it was surprisingly easy.

(so far… there’ll be withdrawal symptoms,
you bet. but, e.g., quitting AOL reduced me
to a complete loss of cool [screaming at
innocent telephone boiler-room wageslaves
and whatnot; by contrast, there was very
little of the “tell me everything about
yourself that might help somebody sell
you something, or no dice” obstacle-course
stuff one has learned to take for granted].
make no mistake, for me it *is* an addiction
… or something so close that mere simile
[“it’s *like* an addiction”] feels like a lie.
for example, just as pounding down beer
and whiskey typically has a short-term effect
of gladness-to-be-alive and confidence-in-my-
-own-interestingness for a few hours,
followed by considerable wishing-*not*-
-to-alive and embarrassment-at-existing-
-at-all, so too does facebook participation
tend to instill in me a certain short-term
feeling of being connected to loved ones
and other interesting people… at the cost
of feeling *even more* lonely and *dis*connected
when the effect [soon] wears off. anyhow, fuck it.)

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read between the lions

Posted by vlorbik on March 28, 2012

McLemee in IHE on gutting the research collection at NYC’s public library.

Scott Sherman’s Nation piece of 12/19/11.

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quarterly report

Posted by vlorbik on January 6, 2012

i’ve posted nothing here for several months.
i don’t exactly *plan* to return to regular posting;
we’ll see what happens.

fall quarter was much the busiest i’ve been
with actual *paying work* in several years…
so there’s my excuse if any were needed.
i started the quarter with a 2-section
Teaching Assistant post (Calc 4; 3D stuff
and whatnot). then 2 grading positions
came along (Abstract Algebra & Intro Analysis)
and i snapped ’em up. finally, several weeks
into the quarter, the instructor for a
Linear Algebra class took a rest-of-quarter
medical leave and i stepped in and took over.

i also posted *almost* nothing in
MathEdZineBlog. again, i make
no claims about my future behavior.

my “home” connection, never reliable, appears
to be getting worse. meanwhile, my mac is
almost three years old and more and more
online software refuses to deal with it
until i download this-or-that; it’s worked
these three years *without* taking such risks
and’ll probably go right *on* working
for three more if i keep refusing;
meanwhile the net will become useless
to me on that particular box. i’ll still
have *TeX* and “garage band” if i can just
learn to move the files around. you’d think
i was joking but i sadly assure you i mean this.

very likely i’ll get a new, internet-capable, phone.
it’s making me sick to my stomach just thinking it,
but there it is. university people just assume
you’re well-connected and will cheerfully refuse
to deal with you if you can’t keep up. businesses,

i’ll have told the story before somewhere but
here it comes again: i was, for once, an early
adopter when i got a t-mobile “sidekick” in early
2003 and they fucked me but good. there was a
yearlong contract and it quit working in june.
when i tried to get it fixed i was three-quarters
of an hour on the phone before anybody even
*claimed* to be able to help me. and maybe
they could’ve… but they didn’t (i was supposed
to be sent a new username-password combo
but never got it). so i decided to hell with it.

naturally, when i got online (on somebody else’s
connection) to report the bug and explain why
they weren’t gonna get any more monthly checks
i was confronted with a robot rat-maze designed
to gather information about me without helping
me in any way and i soon quit. so the bills
kept coming in and i kept throwing them away.

which would be the end of the story if the
account hadn’t originally been set up on
my then-wife’s credit card. they kept dunning
*her* and she kept wanting *me* to do something
about it. it got pretty fucking emotional.

well, now she’s gone and of course the
whole “mobile phone” racket has undergone
umpty-blue-million updates. meanwhile,
literally millions of people have signed on
and now use the god-damn things routinely.
so how hard can it be? even without
mountains of money or endless patience?

on the other hand, “go with your gut”;
i’m not kidding about this making me
want to throw up.

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