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king of the lists

Posted by vlorbik on July 21, 2014

Photo on 2014-07-19 at 22.07

the shelf is still right where i photographed it
but the books have all been moved to a new shelving
development. i’m lazy t’ *photograph* it just now,
so what you see here is it for tonight.

and, yes, i’ve actually *read* most of these…
several of them more than once and more than
a handful *out loud*. i haven’t kept up.
but for quite a while there, it was steve’s
america around here (and millions of people
knew it). to rival the sheer number-of-words-
-read in my life, you’d have to be isaac asimov
or something. the prize here is probably the
_green_mile_ set. all but one of ’em are firsts.

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first as tragedy, then as farce… lather, rinse, repeat

Posted by vlorbik on May 27, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-26 at 11.02

Photo on 2014-05-27 at 09.45

here for a moment is a display of
the “parody periodicals” file.
the last time but one that i ever
showed this to anyone it was much
smaller; now i’ve shown madeline
this very display… or rather,
something very close *to* it…
and it occurs to me to show it
off to the entire cooking show
readership. this is an amazing
work and a wonder, mostly by
the harvard lampoon over the
course of many years. i *don’t*
have their _life_ magazine parody…
the first such document i can
remember having seen… but i
snapped up the rest on sight
pretty reliably. there’s a
_not_quite_tv_guide lying around
here somewhere now that i think
of it. oh well. the _indiana_
_daily_studnet_ must surely be
the most obscure reference here;
guess the name of IU’s J-school
produced paper. also there’s
some shakespeare stuff. that’ll
still be there at the end of the
day when the parody periodicals
are back in their envelopes some-
where. there’s a double of the
_sports_illustrated_ so that goes
into one of the waterclosets with
the wow-what-a-wide-variety-of-
-magazines stacks. also some
clean dishes.

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the palm tree in the den and the mock apple pie

Posted by vlorbik on May 9, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-09 at 00.19

Photo on 2014-05-09 at 12.58 #2

the shelves have been torn down
(the rest of the way) and rebuilt
since yesterday. madeline is in
in the middle of making us dessert
(several days worth) but is away
shopping with one of her pals. so
i did a load of dishes (the drainer
is holding up the camera here) and
indulged in various leftovers (to
wit: some tuna-noodle stuff fried
in fat trimmed from its bacon-strips
several days ago, some priced-to-sell
bargain “french” bread, amazing toast-
ed, at a dollar a loaf [with a sell-by
date of the next day], buttered of
course, a few noticeably-stale-but-
-still-pretty-crunchy-at-that corn
chips dipped in some none-the-worse-
-counter salsa, some, almost forgot,
cheddar and some swiss cheese that
i cut up the small “old” blocks of
into ready-for-ritz-cracker slices,
and a little bit of lettuce… i
think that’s it so far today. well,
beverages: sweet creamy coffee &
some lemonade… both “real” and
“stretcher”). soon i’ll make a
ham sandwich with that killer bread.
(mayo, lettuce, tomato, ham, toast…
maybe some swiss [there’s another
block unopened]). wash down with
fresh-squeezed lemonade.

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from every region, apes of idleness

Posted by vlorbik on May 8, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-08 at 11.01

Photo on 2014-05-08 at 11.03

today i decided to rebuild the mythology-and-
-religion section in the TV room. and got as
far as what you see when it occurred to me to
photograph the darn thing. there’ve been a
bunch of cinderblock bricks sitting out front
since i moved in a year ago. some of ’em’ll
be, anyway, indoors today… maybe even hold-
ing up boards etcetera. meanwhile, i’ll’ve
annotated a bunch more of _henry_iv_part_2
(the “hollow crown” version [what i like to
call “the lokiad” (since it stars tom hid-
in the hal-of-the-henriad role)]).
madeline’ll have returned with yet another
load of yummy groceries. i’ll’ve put ’em
away and prepared some. which reminds me.
the low-key ad just ended and i’m kind of

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all this useful beauty

Posted by vlorbik on May 3, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-03 at 12.01

Photo on 2014-05-03 at 12.03

lots of lovely clean glass and the
luxurious fourth bedroom… currently
housing math, hard science, social
science, women’s studies, american
lit, american history, philosophy,
poetry, foreign language, and plenty
of whatnot. (you can’t see it all
in the shot at hand.) i’ve been
redecorating quite a bit. “spring
cleaning”, call it.

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always halfway there

Posted by vlorbik on April 17, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 15.08

between yesterday’s quiche…

finished during this afternoon’s
movie (_nebraska_; thumb up).
madeline made it not i, but the
“secret” this time around is
“lots of sausage & a little
green pepper”. gee it was good.

and tonight’s “perfect lemon bars”…

madeline’s about to make *those*
(from some printed-out recipe…
no secret here: fresh lemons
will be the reason *this* stuff
rocks (as it almost inevitably
will). what they call “lemon
zest” is evidently what the world
calls lemon *rind*. i quit read-
ing the recipe (it’s lying nearby
next to the bowl of lemons)
right there, so i can’t tell you
any more about *that*.

i’ll’ve finished up some leftover dishes;
you can see ’em here freshly rinsed
from the almost-used-up soapy water
that’s now most recently gone down
the left-hand drain. also i’l’ve had
the usual two or three cups of coffee;
also some lemonade (both all-natural and
“streched” with powder-mix ‘nade…
all “beverage committee” stuff and so
all mixed up by me). half-and-half
in the coffee, praise gaia.

the quiche, we had the last two-
-sixths of, zapped and served on sidedish
plates, with a nice thick tomato slice on
top, and a little puddle of greek seasoning
on the side (of the plate itself… not,
for pity sake, in some crazy “saltcellar”
or anything).

and that’s about it. some salsa-and-ranch
two-dip blend drying out by the sink from last
night’s cornchip orgy while i was bussing-
-and-rinsing. right out of the jar with
a spoon, if you must know.

so now the whole right-hand “rinsed-
-&-ready” shelf is covered in the
glass stuff. and the mad one’s in
the kitchen cooking us a tasty desert.
and my whole grading stack… no, i tell
a lie… all of the grading except for
a couple of “late” papers that i’ll
probably want to *age* a little longer
anyhow… is done, a day early
(tomorrow i’ll drop it all off and
pick up what promises to be a pretty
horrific load for the weekend). so
i’m having a pretty high old time here
blogging away in our happy home, again
today. back to _introductory_combinatorics_
(kenneth p. bogart) (i post-blogged about
a passage earlier today. i wish
this thing had fallen into my hands
thirty years ago when it was new to the
world [and i was new to serious “counting”]).
but not *really*. right now is also
a very good time.

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madeline’s front room (with guitarist)

Posted by vlorbik on April 10, 2010

there’s only five strings on “woody” here.
not having to control the sixth makes it
easier to get a nice sound. i learned
this trick from bob sauls who says
keith richard tunes his guitar this way.
as you can see, i’m happy to be here.
madeline’s house is a lot closer to “home”
than i ever expected to feel ever again.

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never at reft

Posted by vlorbik on April 9, 2010

more of “dekist’s hot shelves“.
science & medicine below;
litcrit above and whatever fits
in between. the “ancient med”
poster is by national geographic,
natch. i got if for next to nothing,
natch. along with most of the
fine reference works you see
here. lotsa good stuff out there
still i think but not for long maybe.
grab up the reference books
and keep ’em in a pile in the corner.
you’ll thank me someday.

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the only demand I make of my reader is that he should devote his whole life to reading my works

Posted by vlorbik on March 5, 2010

new edition of finnegans wake.

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dekist’s hot shelves

Posted by vlorbik on February 2, 2010

bible stuff, a shakespeare, books about books, math, and various reference and mostly-lit-but-quasi-random. there’s a *lot* more math stuff in the library here, natch, most of it downstairs. most of the dovers are at madeline’s though. i’ve been spreading around drafts of three different micro-zines. once you’ve made *one*, of course, the goal becomes to fill a *whole shelf*. it’s in delany somewhere i think.

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