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“what’s vlorbik *on*?”…”wordpress-dot-com!”

Posted by vlorbik on August 24, 2011

in today’s edition of “too much time
on the net”, we have bousquet’s
piece on student guestworkers
(after a month’s absence) and this
announcement for independents’ day
(9/17 in downtown columbus).

okay. i’m gonna wash the dishes now
and make some lunch or something. geez.

7 Responses to ““what’s vlorbik *on*?”…”wordpress-dot-com!””

  1. vlorbik said


  2. vlorbik said

    C4 (col’s comics creators coalition) coverage

  3. vlorbik said


    probably doomed to fail.


    fuck the net

  4. vlorbik said


    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

    god damn

  5. vlorbik said


    now to wait until i’m calm enough to pretend to accept the blame.

  6. blag said

    promiscuous reader blogging since ’07.

  7. blag said

    steamboats are ruining everything
    (caleb crain).

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