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when the fall is all there is it matters

Posted by vlorbik on October 26, 2009

i’ve just come back from running
about a halfmile, the first training
i’ve done in years. in other news
to hell with getting a god-damn
driver’s license. me and car culture
never got along that well anyway.
if i’m going to outlive it i’ll have
to endure an awful lot so i’d better
start some endurance *training* already.


2 Responses to “when the fall is all there is it matters”

  1. kibrolv said

    to “arm myself to welcome
    the condition of the time”.
    to coin a phrase.

  2. kibrolv said

    another halfmile the same day and one again the next.
    a day off; prob’ly just under a mile this morning.
    haven’t checked the route on the map. i’ve walked
    over the same territory… also as exercise but not
    for me… with madeline though so it’s *marked*
    on the map already. anyhow it’s working just as
    it should. getting betterlooking every day just like
    broadway fukkin joe.

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