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off in the distance

Posted by vlorbik on October 31, 2009

i walked about eleven miles yesterday.
clear across whitehall twice
the short way and up and down
most of the height of bexley
(once each). i had to feed the cat.
while i was there (my apartment;
i claimed a little bit ago to
be living here at madeline’s
and indeed i feel it to be so
but there *is* this other place
[and this *cat*]), i got the
guitar i’d left over there
and strapped it on and so for
half the trip i was strumming away
(you’ve gotta play *loud* sometimes
even to hear yourself at all
out on main street–the national road
for hecksake—so i did little
enough picking).

no running though. but
the day before *that* i added on
a little distance to the basic
half-mile loop along the “service road”
and its nearest parallel, the route
i’d by then run a whopping total
of three times already. so that’ll be
the new standard for a while:
just under a mile. i’m snapping back
into shape at a pretty good pace.
i always have so far so i’m not amazed
(as i *was* amazed when i first started
roadwork in 79: i’d worked with weights
for months before progress became obvious
but it only took weeks with running before
i got *way* better)… i’d set
my expectations low what with the
“being fifty-some” thing.

anyhow i haven’t looked this good
in years and everything’s getting
real good and solid. main steet is
even more barren of streetlife
at street level than it appears
from the middle of the road
out car windows but you see
a few people waiting for
the bus and whatnot; mostly
they’re glad to see you.
guitars are great.


One Response to “off in the distance”

  1. vlorbik said


    kevin h’s gorgeous forthcoming
    comic about a guy walking.

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