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the clouds are weeping

Posted by vlorbik on November 4, 2009

now that i’ve got the scale of the thing
i’ll probably be walking back & forth
between barclay and country club
quite a bit. anyhow yesterday i did
a oneway and stopped along the way
for this swell new jean jacket
(at a catering-to-spanish-speakers
western themed deal with some
pretty cool periodicals and weird
softdrinks & stuff where i talked
with the cashier a little even)
and a few, get this, paperbacks
at a newish thrift. where i’ll soon
drop off some consignment items.
i put out a few books for sale in the
coffeehouse i’m sitting in now
(no internet connection at barclay)
last spring but
this is practically a done deal.
pat… running the place… sez
the books have been moving fast.
wouldn’t be surprised if i end up doing
some shelving and stuff. any luck who knows
meet a few more book people into
doing stuff on the cheap. looks like
potentially a Real Good Thing.
of course there’s no coffeehouse or
even restaurant or any other such
streetlife-building enterprises.
and main street evidently couldn’t
support a used bookstore
right across the friggin street
from capital friggin university
so don’t get your hopes up.
anyhow, now for back home.
ten mystery novels into the pack.
on to east livingston slowly.
weather permitting.

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