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more four-string guitar

Posted by vlorbik on May 25, 2011

new soundcloud upload: 3 bass hit (one treble).

with a quasi-standard tuning;
lower the 2, 3, and 4 strings
by an octave (as it were;
actually one substitutes
lower strings on the easy-
-to-reach part of the neck
usually used for higher ones
to get this effect); the result
is the “usual” fingerings apply
but they *sound* different
(and are harder to play; the
thickness of the strings
comes into play here).

i’ve had the three basses tuned
in true-usual tuning… so as to have
the E, A, and D strings acting as
themselves but easier to reach
because close to the highstring-side
of the neck. and then the high E, also tuned
as itself. probably three blind mice
was done in that tuning.

of course the electric’s got all six.

2 Responses to “more four-string guitar”

  1. Madeline said

    great video of a guitar master:

    lightnin’ hopkins (“two songs”).

  2. […] 4-string guitar: s’cloud […]

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