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don’t forget the motor city

Posted by vlorbik on May 26, 2010

“adjunct” faculty march at US social forum (detroit june 22). sponsored by AFT 477 (wayne state).

(allied media con)


3 Responses to “don’t forget the motor city”

  1. Raye posted a link but this reminded me to open and save a screen capture for an image file to blog / post to FB. Best I thought to catch it now and not risk forgetting. Jen Bills and I think a few others from the NFM board will be there. I just wrote a newsletter piece ~ social media overview for dummies, one of whom is the newsletter editor who then “corrected” it to change accurate terms he did not like the sound of (or did not understand) to risibly inaccurate ones. No explanation. Adding a few definitions, I corrected the most egregious and explained why. If he changes them back, I’ll have to ask to have my name taken off.

  2. vlorbik said


    vanessa’s “day one twitter”.

  3. vlorbik said



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