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Unsolicited Testimonial

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2009

James Allen’s ScribTeX just… works. You shove in TeX code and click and out pops a webpage with your typeset pages.

Probably I’ll be moving the math stuff back to Vlorbik On Math Ed. Now that I know how to… you know… post math on the web and all. Geez.

4 Responses to “Unsolicited Testimonial”

  1. Pat Ballew said

    Ok, heck, I may even try to write a book myself…(Maybe a really short one…) thanks for the tip…I’m a little bit of a tech idiot in some of the new stuff (the line “ruby on rails” was met with a simple, “Huh???”

    Pat B

  2. kibrolv said

    i’d *heard* of ruby on rails (but am no techie).

    your mathwords page
    (reworked for good old-fashioned *print*)
    would be well worth publishing in my opinion.

  3. vlorbik said


    ms. ashton discovers the joys.

  4. vlorbik said

    gone now evidently. meanwhile “scribd” is incompatible with my homebox.
    paper & pencil still works.

    if you get a compass at the drugstore
    it’ll have too much “give” to be useful
    for anything. and the sharpeners
    break the leads off right out of the box.
    it won’t be long until the pencils themselves
    don’t work but for now i’m still covered.
    if there were only some math problems
    i wanted to work on, that is. what the hell.
    there’s still crosswords.

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