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half a lemon per entire pitcher of powdered ‘nade. arnoldize to taste. leftover pizza dipped in ranch.

Posted by vlorbik on May 5, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-04 at 10.00

Photo on 2014-05-04 at 21.37

some more fruits of my latest shelving binge
and probably the last dishes i’ll wash tonight.
i improved a bunch of the movie-and-theatre
section today. madeline liked the homefries.
yay, me.

if there’s bacon trimmings set aside,
heat ’em up in the small steel pan.
wipe out the cast-iron pan & melt
some butter in it.

cut four potatoes in half the long way
with the big knife on a wooden cutting
board. slide each potato-half gradually
under the knife with your left hand as
you raise and lower the knife with your
right in a sort of “rolling” motion (so
that the blade never leaves the board);
the ideal here is uniformly thin “chip”-
-like slices.

this’ll take longer than you anticipate
and the butter’s getting hot, so get
some of the easy stuff started: break
out the peppers (four colors of green
pepper, already cleaned & partly sliced
as of, what, a couple days now i guess);
finish cutting up a couple strips in
each color & put ’em in the butter.

get out the thousand island while you’re
at it and quality-control a few pepper-
-slices. finish cutting up the potatoes
& put ’em in the pigfat. go get an
onion-half; knock off a corner & slice
it up. merge the taters in with the
peppers; cover it up and lower the heat.
cook the sting out of the onions in
the little pan and add those in. now
do the dishload seen here: this will
take a while. whenever you think about
stirring stuff up, try the thickest
slice you see: still too crunchy.
halfheartedly cut a few other thick
slices with the turner; re-cover &
get back to cleaning up. somewhere
along the line, add in some taco
seasoning (from a pre-mix package
but stored in a no-label bottle
[seen here at the back of the
“spicerack” shelf with the easily-
-missed brown lid next to the no-
-label bottle with the green lid,
right behind the greek seasoning])
and some “greek” seasoning. heat
up a coffee and have some of that.
when the homefries are good and ready,
put most of it into a small glass bowl
and add a goodly dollop of sour cream.
sprinkle a token few dried parsley
flakes on top of the sour-cream dollop
so it’ll look all classy and stuff.
serves one hungry clean-plater.
yay, me.


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