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the linking and not-linking rings

Posted by vlorbik on May 3, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-03 at 16.36

Photo on 2014-05-03 at 16.38

the drying rack supporting the forks here
began life as one of a set of, i think,
four, held together (badly) as a single
shelving-unit-thingee and stayed that way
until i pulled the whole thing apart (with-
out exactly meaning to). usually it holds
up a bamboo cutting board next to the toast-
er and provides a space to shove the dirty
silver. it’ll’ve been visible in several
shots hitherto but i’m lazy to look ’em up.
meanwhile, the siverware-process is in flux.
look into the future for more on this fasci-
nating topic. (if i ever post the link.)
meanwhile, here are some more books (and
stuff). most of the shakespeare (the videos
are in the viewing-chamber along with one
of the one-volume _complete_works_es and a
double of the “_introducing_…such-and-
-such]_”-series volume). a small fraction
of the comics. madeline’s borromean rings.



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  2. […] the linking and not-linking rings (blogpost of 05/03/014). w’edia. flickr shot. […]

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