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lay down your weary tune

Posted by vlorbik on August 24, 2011

soundcloud was acting up yesterday
but finally i succeeded in posting
this version of “for john henry”.
difficult, madam? would god
it were impossible.

4 Responses to “lay down your weary tune”

  1. Did you write that? (I was assuming you did, and enjoying a window into your thoughts.)

  2. w.p. handel said

    my best songwriting effort of the 21st C, i think.
    not that there’s much else. few but ripe.
    (& i don’t mean “ripe” in a *good* way…)

  3. vlorbik said

    okay okay i’m proud so what.
    there are other (lesser) deadly sins.
    and much more to the point, “all have”
    (allegedly) “sinned and come short”
    (and whatnot) of the blah. bl’blah, bl’-blah.

    meanwhile, most of, uhm, anyway, the verse
    i’m proud *of* (and’ve published) is…
    and i wish this were wellknown,,,
    found in the n-page news:
    (or its hardcopy analogue:
    or what have you)

  4. […] your weary tune: once upon a time there was a […]

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