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Posted by vlorbik on April 17, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 15.08

between yesterday’s quiche…

finished during this afternoon’s
movie (_nebraska_; thumb up).
madeline made it not i, but the
“secret” this time around is
“lots of sausage & a little
green pepper”. gee it was good.

and tonight’s “perfect lemon bars”…

madeline’s about to make *those*
(from some printed-out recipe…
no secret here: fresh lemons
will be the reason *this* stuff
rocks (as it almost inevitably
will). what they call “lemon
zest” is evidently what the world
calls lemon *rind*. i quit read-
ing the recipe (it’s lying nearby
next to the bowl of lemons)
right there, so i can’t tell you
any more about *that*.

i’ll’ve finished up some leftover dishes;
you can see ’em here freshly rinsed
from the almost-used-up soapy water
that’s now most recently gone down
the left-hand drain. also i’l’ve had
the usual two or three cups of coffee;
also some lemonade (both all-natural and
“streched” with powder-mix ‘nade…
all “beverage committee” stuff and so
all mixed up by me). half-and-half
in the coffee, praise gaia.

the quiche, we had the last two-
-sixths of, zapped and served on sidedish
plates, with a nice thick tomato slice on
top, and a little puddle of greek seasoning
on the side (of the plate itself… not,
for pity sake, in some crazy “saltcellar”
or anything).

and that’s about it. some salsa-and-ranch
two-dip blend drying out by the sink from last
night’s cornchip orgy while i was bussing-
-and-rinsing. right out of the jar with
a spoon, if you must know.

so now the whole right-hand “rinsed-
-&-ready” shelf is covered in the
glass stuff. and the mad one’s in
the kitchen cooking us a tasty desert.
and my whole grading stack… no, i tell
a lie… all of the grading except for
a couple of “late” papers that i’ll
probably want to *age* a little longer
anyhow… is done, a day early
(tomorrow i’ll drop it all off and
pick up what promises to be a pretty
horrific load for the weekend). so
i’m having a pretty high old time here
blogging away in our happy home, again
today. back to _introductory_combinatorics_
(kenneth p. bogart) (i post-blogged about
a passage earlier today. i wish
this thing had fallen into my hands
thirty years ago when it was new to the
world [and i was new to serious “counting”]).
but not *really*. right now is also
a very good time.


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