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bukowski never did this

Posted by vlorbik on January 7, 2010

yesterday i showed john-at-the-grill
a (lo-fi text-only pages-don’t-line-up)
zine pulled outta my hip pocket;
he’d asked after my career in
teaching in a what’s-up-with-
-your-classes way… he calls me
professor… i used to go in there
several times a week back around
’92 to ’96 when that title (but not
the attending *style* necessarily)
was indeed mine (after a fashion;
strictly speaking “assistant” not
“full” professor), when i could
*afford* to eat my breakfasts in
a diner most working days.

and, okay. because, if facebook and
twitter and that stuff, is any
kind of guide? everybody wants
to know what everybody else eats?
here it is.

One Response to “bukowski never did this”

  1. vlorbik said

    (he did this.)

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