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vlorbik unstrung, part n+1

Posted by vlorbik on June 3, 2016

Photo on 6-3-16 at 10.59 AM
the serial number was evidently stickered-in
or something; you can kind of see the shadow
of the glue over the line under the plain-as-
-day model number (DR-212NA; this here is an
epiphone 12-string). by the end of the day,
there’ll be some rainbow-geometry graphics by
me covering up this label. & there’ll be, as
i imagine it now, four strings where the middle
four strings go. four *low* strings; i’ll’ve
strung this Twelve as if it were a Bass. then
i’ll go on to tune it in any of three “obvious”
ways (“as if” any of the [high-, middle-, or low-]
sets-of-four-strings that occur in “ordinary”
tuning EADGBE [thus, “as if” EADG, ADGB, or DGBE]).
yep. that’s the plan.
Photo on 6-3-16 at 10.58 AM

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