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son of owen's cooking show

bliss it was in that dawn to be alive

Posted by vlorbik on October 11, 2015

but to prep a big ol’ load
of dirty dishes was very heaven.

okay goddamn it.
i can’t put in the phucking photo.

there’s this button that says “add media”.
time was, you’d click it.
and could then, you know, “add media”…
in the phorm of a phuckin photo in the
case nearest to hand.

but now you click it and nothing phucking
happens except maybe some demon
made of sand and satellites
and malice and money
laughs at you in whatever
robots-from-hell use for
mad-scientist cackle these days.

it’s hard to keep up.
because the harder you try,
the more they phucking punish you
for it.

owen by the way.
it sez at the top of the window-frame
/*There’s now an easier way to create on WordPress.com! Switch to the improved posting experience.*/

so easy, it’s fucking impossible.
i meant for this to’ve been a cheerful
little two-liner with a photo.

they don’t play fair and if i’d’ve had
any sense i’d’ve run away and stayed away
a long time ago.

fuck this forever.

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