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work in progress: monday morning

Posted by vlorbik on September 7, 2015

Photo on 9-7-15 at 1.51 PM

so far today: two
(with “greek” seasoning and butter)
sandwich-halves, a couple hours apart.
meanwhile there’s a bunch of bacon,
mostly unused as of now. (& one of the
eggs was fried in baconfat.) and i had
some burger in there but madeline got
most of that stirred into some leftover
rice-and-cannned-veggies with some
multicolor minipeppers (cooked in the
burgerfat) thrown in. (and of course i
had some of those as well, specifically
the tops and bottoms. dipped in ranch.)
“french bread” toast. also madeline’s
signature beerbread, also toasted.
instant coffee of course, milk & sugar.
some fresh lemonade. life is good.


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