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taters & toast: “before” and “during”

Posted by vlorbik on August 29, 2015

Photo on 8-29-15 at 9.55 AM

first i had the egg, fried over easy in butter,
and the bread, toasted & buttered. in the form
of a sandwich half, with mixed-in-the-package
“greek” seasoning. the pan was plenty hot and
there was plenty of butter, so the egg came up
perfect: hard white, runny yolk.

that was for me. as meanwhile i was peeling the taters.
four slices of bacon… way fatty at one end but meaty
enough overall… go in the pan while i cut up the taters.
i quarter ’em the long way and then slowly slide ’em under
the big knife as i roll it up-&-down “slicer” style.
my hands are much surer at this task then they were
even a few months ago, but there’s a long way to go
before i’ve ever *really* got that knife under control:
quickness and uniformity are both slow to develop.
the main thing of course is not to slice off any part
of any fingers while you’re about it.

and it all goes in the baconfat.
now chop up the onion. as you can see,
i had a “northern hemisphere” onion-half.
i halved this again & threw away the skin.
(& ate some of the outer layer). then bisected
the resulting quarter-onion wedge the long way
(along its wedge-edge). each narrower-wedge
so created, i then split again the same way.

so you throw the onion-sixteenth wedges into
the pan with the taters. where the separate
layers making them up fall apart quite nicely.
maybe throw in some butter, too. why not.

last are the peppers. i just cut up along their
“latitudes”; they form nice rings this way easily.
the seeds are all at the top. i eat the tops raw
myself, possibly dipped in ranch. the bottoms too.
the rings mostly go in the pan.

when the burntest tater-slice is getting dark, eat it
and stir everything up. spread around the mixed-in-
-package “taco” seasoning. fuss around with the heat
more or less randomly. when the fattest slice is soft
enough, and all the other ingredients are in, put in
some bacon-bits. (edit the fattiest bits out altogether
and eat the most questionable remaining bits for yourself;
the rest in the pan.)

serve with ketchup & buttered toast.
& ice tea. and a manky-teethed smile.

today’s lemonade isn’t made yet.
getting back to work.

Photo on 8-29-15 at 10.25 AM


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