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Posted by vlorbik on August 28, 2015

no leftover grader’s jobs at BigState U
for me this semester… so maybe less
blogging next door at MEdZ.

if i *were* to’ve posted there today,
it’d prob’ly’ve been a ramble about
*music* (rather than math-per-se).
i sure spend (a *lot*) more time working
on music than on math these days.
but “summer doesn’t count”, as it were:
i’ve *been* unemployed in math-ed-world
for months. but now it’s official.

i suppose the point here is that i might
just as well consider myself an unemployed
*musician* as an unemployed *math teacher*.
(other than the decades of paycheck-job style
work at “math” and the never-even-one-paying-gig
thing in music, that is.)

hell, i might as well consider myself an
unemployed *philosopher*, for that matter.
or “educationist”. which sounds like
a sneerword, i’ll admit. hell, i’ll even
cop to having *used* it as such. but if
there *is* such a thing, at least in *my*
imagination, i *am* one: that’s why
the blog next door is math *ed* zine blog,
not *math* zine blog.

teaching, for me, has long been The Art.
math-teaching, specifically, mostly…
but over some of these later years
i’ve become given to saying (and typing,
and posting) that “all the arts are
one art” (“… look again: look closer.”)

and for sure, all these analogies keep
occurring to me as i bang away at music…
and bible-study… and, heck, this used to
be owen’s-cooking-show, *cooking*,…
and whatnot; here’s another favored slogan
of mine: “i’m studying studying”.

i even got to lecture a few times in humanities
as a pro somehow along the way. so, yes, it *is*
teaching-itself, not just specifically math-teaching,
that i’m putting forth as the heart-of-the-matter
by the conspicuous use of Capital Letters up there

but. i came by my awe-of-the-teacher’s-art honestly,
as they say: my dad was a teacher (technically a
college prof; of course i’m using the term very
broadly here). and an outstanding one at that.
and he had an amazing “skillset” to draw on
(including singing-and-piano, close-up magic,
and drafting, all at or above semi-pro level
[before i ever knew him], along with the academic
stuff (“thomas, you have a raging love of words”,
somebody told him once… as he told me *several*
times). but he made his fame and fortune mostly
as a teacher of teachers and an author of textbooks.

which, ever since i began railing against trends
in the textbook-publishing-industry, has always
sort of *bothered* me. because there are all
these *textbook millionaires* out there whose
books i would’ve *loved* to seen replaced with
cheap and widely available reprints in any number
of classes (taught by me) with what seemed very
much the *wrong* texts.

oh, well. i could be an unemployed *preacher*
if only i had some *faith*. lord, i believe.
help me in my unbelief.

we now return to our regularly-scheduled cooking show.


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