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obvious desperate breakfast

Posted by vlorbik on July 31, 2015

i hit the ground running after a layoff
of a few days and bam!

(1) turn on the burner. all the way up: “high”.

(2) grab whatever clutter is on top o’ th’ toaster;
jam it all over in its spot on the washer.
fuss around as necessary with whatever counter-
-tops you’ve seen along the way (though, of
course, most–maybe all–of this would’ve been
better left unmentioned).

the butter is already starting to burn.
so grab a fork… the plastic stuff works,
yay…an’ slsm that better-than-perfect


One Response to “obvious desperate breakfast”

  1. vlorbik said

    i have no idea what i was getting at here.
    next slide, please.

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